Zac Efron Says "Iron Claw" Film Has Made Him Become Fascinated With Pro Wrestling

Zac Efron has become fascinated with the world of pro wrestling.

The actor recently spoke with "INSIGHT" podcast host Chris Van Vliet for an interview to promote his upcoming film on the life and career of the legendary Von Erich wrestling family out of Texas.

Featured below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On if he liked pro wrestling as a kid: "It’s interesting I didn’t get that into it when i was younger, my parents didn’t like having it on because me and my little brother and I would get into it right after, so they didn’t like us jumping off the couch and fighting."

On how he has become fascinated with the world of pro wrestling after his work on the "Iron Claw" film: "Now after of course, this story and telling this story, I’m fascinated with the sport and shout out to all the wrestlers out there, all the warriors out there man. It’s such a difficult sport but all those guys out there… I have just the utmost respect of the sport. So, soon to be an even bigger fan."

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