Zack Clayton Reveals Christopher Daniels Was The One Who Offered Him An AEW Contract

All Elite Wrestling Star Zack Clayton spoke with TV Insider on a number of topics such as how signing a full-time deal with the promotion is something he is very excited about and how he felt like it has been coming for quite some time.

Zack Clayton said:

“Signing a full-time deal is something I’m very excited about. It has been coming I feel for quite some time…I’ve had conversations with them for quite some time. I figured it was coming when I was put on the road every week for about a month or two straight.”

Zack Clayton also spoke about how Christopher Daniels was the one who offered him an AEW contract.

Zack Clayton said:

“Christopher Daniels was the one who offered me the contract and handed it to me. We spoke internally with a few other people. It was great. Everyone was very happy for me. I was appreciative of their help and support. I have plenty of support there, which is great.”

You can check out Zack Clayton's comments at this link.