Zelina Vega Gets Support From President Of SAG-AFTRA Union

The biggest news story over the last day was WWE releasing company star Zelina Vega after there were reports of unhappiness on both sides, with rumors being that the disputes came from WWE's edict on third-party platforms like Twitch. Vega also wrote, "I support unionization" on Twitter, but there is no confirmation that had anything to do with her release.

However, it did catch the attention of one of the larger labor unions in Hollywood, SAG-AFTRA, which represents over 160,000 artists across the world. They responded to Vega's tweet by writing, "So do we."

President of SAG-AFTRA Gabrielle Carteris, who previously starred in Beverly Hills 90210, also wrote to Vega. She says, "Hey @Zelina_VegaWWE Thanks for standing strong for labor solidarity. I support you. Please email me PresidentCarteris@sagaftra.org."

Check it out below.