WWE Friday Night SmackDown Live Results (4/30/2021): ThunderDome III, Yuengling Center, Tampa, FL

Friday Night SmackDown

Welcome back to Rajah.com's live play-by-play results coverage of WWE Friday Night SmackDown! Your host is the gnarliest, bodacious, most excellent, and totally radical, Mike "Schwiiiing!" Hogan. We received our official WWE preview before the sun rose this morning, and we've got two big title defenses tonight as Big E challenges Apollo Crews for the Intercontinental championship, and Daniel Bryan must defeat Roman Reigns in their Universal championship match or he's banished from SmackDown.

What else awaits us? We're about to find out next! So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Live Results (4/30/2021) -- ThunderDome III (Yuengling Center), Tampa, FL

Tonight on SmackDown

We start with a video package highlight the importance of the Reigns vs Bryan match as Reigns' Universal title is up against Daniel Bryan's (SmackDown) career! We switch over to AC/DC and get to the ThunderDome! Pyro goes off in excess as our digital audience is hot for this one, folks. Michael Cole tells us there is a big fight feel in the ThunderDome and we're brought to you by an insurance company and advertised in a show that doesn't provide insurance! Cole and Pat McAfee (Pat Mac).

In the Ring Promo: SmackDown Women's Champion Bianca Belair

Bianca skips down to the ring as Cole sends us to a short video promo featuring Belair telling us all of the -est's she is. She dances and claps in the ring as the digital audience loudly chants "EST!" from the rafters where the speakers are stored. Bianca starts us off. "Ladies and gentleman, as your EST of WWE and your SmackDown Women's Champion...It is my pleasure to welcome you to the coolest, the dopest, the hottest show on Fox. Friday Night SmackDown! And now, put your hands together for the--" She's interrupted by the new theme music for the Dirty Dogs! SmackDown Tag Team Champions Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode make their way out. Dolph tells Bianca that if you're gonna celebrate on SmackDown, you do it in style and tell her htey'll take over for now. Cue the Street Profits! We're having a Six-Man tag match. Ford asks if the Dirty Dawgs just interrupted the SmackDown Women's Champion and they begin to conclude that they "know what that means" until out comes Bayley who yells abuse at Michael Cole as she walks down to the ring and stands toe to toe with Belair. Bayley snatches Bianca's mic. Bayley bursts into laughter for a few moments until Belair slaps her so hard that Bayley is flattened. Belair takes off her awesome WWE Title earrings and they begin to brawl. The Profits and Dawgs hit the ring and all hell breaks loose ahead of their six-person tag match, coming up next!

Friday Night SmackDown: Throw Back Edition!

Next week will feature a "throw-back" edition of SmackDown, with the short ad simulating the feel of 80's and 90's footage and film.

Six-Person Mixed Match Tag Team: SmackDown Women's Champion Bianca Belair & the Street Profits vs Bayley & SmackDown Tag Team Champions the Dirty Dawgs

When we return to the ring, Bayely and Bianca are at it. Bianca takes Bayley down with a head lock and attempts a pin as Michael Cole gives us our weekly Bayley title-run count (380 days). Bayley with a quick slam and pin attempt. Bianca easily handles Bayley and shoves her back. Bianca tags Dolph. Bianca tells Ziggler to come in, threatening to take him on. He starts firing up, telling her to "c'mon then!" but Montez Ford springboards into the ring and takes him down. There is no tag format in this per Cole. Ford and Dawkins send the Dawgs outside. Ford with a suicide dive that wipes out the Dawgs. Belair, at ring side, is whipped into the steel steps by Bayley. Ford is distracted and Ziggler nails a Superkick. Ziggler with a neck breaker. Ford rolls outside to avoid being pinned. The action spills back in and Roode takes the tag. Roode stomps away at Ford before straddling his shoulders across the middle rope as the ref counts. When Roode breaks, the ref turns to chastise him--and Bayley slips in a suckerpunch to Ford. Roode stomps at Ford then tags in Ziggler. They hit a double Suplex and Ziggler covers for a close two.
Ziggler locks a grounded sleeper on Ford. Ford slowly, painfully powers to his feet. He tries to get to his corner to make a tag but, exhausted and weary, he goes to the wrong corner. Ziggler gets arrogant and broadcasts another Superkick but Ford avoids and connects with a Superkick of his own that may have sent a tooth flying! Ford manages to tag in Dawkins. The big man hits the ring lucha fast. Big tossing suplex. Strikes to Dolph followed by a slam on Roode and a pin attempt. Belair comes in as does Bayley; Belair hits the KOD (Kiss of Death) and both women roll outside. Roode rolls up Dawkins as they're still legal. Roode looks for the Glorious DDT but Bianca uses her hair whip to slash him across the back. Dawkins acts fast, putting Roode down into the mat hard. Ford is tagged in and flies twenty feet high through the air, crushing Roode with a hell of a Frog Splash.
Your Winners, SmackDown Women's Champion Bianca Belair & the Street Profits!

Backstage Interview: Kayla Braxton with Daniel Bryan

Bryan is asked about the big fight tonight. Bryan is confident in his abilities and states that he's put Roman to sleep once and he can do it again. And when Bryan wins the title, he's going to give Cesaro the first crack at the title.

Backstage Promo: Seth Rollins

Seth is in the back, laughing at the thought of Roman losing to Daniel Bryan. He then states that he thinks DB will shock the world and win the title, and Seth is going to take on Cesaro next week to get the first shot at a Universal title match (provided DB wins.) We go to break.

Backstage Interview: Megan Morant with Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler, and Reginald the Sommelier

Megan learns the hard way that questions never get asked or answered backstage as Nia and Shayna immediately take offense to any notion that they aren't the best team. Tamina and Natalya ambush them, beating them backstage before we head to the ring.

Tag Team Match: Natalya & Tamina vs Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler w/ Reginald the Sommelier

Out first are our multi-generation stars, Neidhart and Snuka, followed by the Women's Tag Team Champions and Reginald. Jax and Tamina immediately start the match brawling. Tamina drops Jax and low kicks her in the corner, then goes up top. Tamina flies high but Jax gets her knees up. Jax tags in Baszler who begins to dismantle Tamina, focusing on her extremities and vicious strikes in an effort to soften up Tamina possibly for the Kirifuda. Jax is tagged back in and scoop slams Tamina, then stands on her neck as the ref warns her. Jax pulls Tamina to her feet and Tamina fires off three rights, backing Jax into the ropes. Jax rebounds and Tamina attempts to pick her up for a Fallaway Slam (or similar) but Jax collapses on top of Tamina, nearly picking up the pin fall. Jax tags in Shayna. Tamina is desperately in need of a tag. Shayna locks on a shoulder lock as Tamina screams. Tamina drops Shayna and crawls to her corner as does Shayna. Natalya tags in but Jax is still down on the floor with Reginald checking on her and Shayna can't tag out. Nattie comes in on fire, hitting German Suplex after German Suplex. Natalya goes for the Sharpshooter but Baszler counters with a martial arts combination (#7 in 2k20 just saying). Tamina and Jax come back in. Tamina drops Jax and climbs again. Reginald runs over to distract Tamina. Natalya tackles Reginald outside but Shayna attacks Natalya from behind. Jax and Baszler beat on Tamina. Jax tags Baszler in. Baszler runs up the ropes, looking for a Superplex. Tamina slaps on the brakes! Tamina with a headbutt followed by a Superfly Splash to pick up the win!
Your Winners, Natalya Neidhart & Tamina Snuka!

Backstage Interview: Kayla Braxton with Rey & Dominik Mysterio

Kayla mentions their big win over the Alpha Academy last week and comments that they're in contention for the tag titles. Dom and Rey are both excited at the prospect of becoming the first-ever tag team champion team in WWE history.

Video Promo: Aleister Black

Aleister is once again in a hazy, dark room with his dark tales of the father...book? He speaks. "You look at me, you judge me, and you make assumptions. Because that's just the true nature of man and I've always lived in this reality." He opens his tales book and reads another. "In high school, people like you litter the halls. You were so unaware, lost in a concept of success and adoration that you had been fed. The date to the prom, the right college, the three bedroom house, the white picket fence. Building your life on a foundation of lies. Imagine thinking any of that is real, imagine falling for that trap. Father never fed me those dreams, he was quick to teach me the truth. And the truth is that there's something horribly wrong with all of that and all of you. I could help you with that. I could give you the keys to escape. But I won't." He slams the book shut.

Backstage Interview: Megan Morant with Big E

Megan asks Big E if he's worried about his rematch, and he tells her that everyone keeps asking how will E overcome the odds. Big E says they've gone 'round and 'round and tonight that all ends. Tonight he gets his baby back. He then tells us of a car trip he's going to take his belt on when he becomes our three-time Intercontinental Champion.

Intercontinental Championship Match: Apollo Crews(c) w/ Cmdr. Azeez vs Big E

Our challenger, Big E, comes out first, full of energy. We go to a break before we have a battle for the 42-year-old title first worn by Pat Patterson (thanks Cole). After the break, Commander Azeez escorts Intercontinental Champion Apollo Crews, dressed in his new Nigerian garb and with his cool mace. The ref holds the title up, our competitors ready up, Cole hypes it up, and as the bell rings, Crews bags Big E into the corner to start the match. Ref calls for the break. Apollo goes for a waist lock on Big E, but Big E easily tosses him off then gyrates at him, mocking him. Big E with a rear lockup; standing switch by Apollo but again, Big E reverses it and drops Crews. Both men run off the ropes and on the rebound, Big E catches Apollo and wraps him up into an Abdominal Stretch. Big E slams elbows down into Crews' exposed side. Big E with a pin attempt. Big E drags Apollo to the edge of the apron then stands ringside, pummeling Apollo with big forearms as the ref counts! Big E goes back into the ring, up top and hits a Big Splash on Apollo on the apron! Big E covers for a two. Crews counters a suplex and takes control with a big elbow of his own. Crews drags Big E to the apron and shows off his impressive core by suplexing Big E from under the bottom rope and out to the floor. We go to break!
When we return, Crews is knelt over Big E, raining fists. We're told that Apollo has controlled during the entire commercial. Crews goes up top but Big E catches him. Big E with a belly-to-belly suplex. Big E with another suplex. Crews knocks Big E into the ropes, then charges and knocks him out of the ring. Crews climbs up top after sending Big E into the ring. Crews looks for the double-foot stomp but Big E rolls out of the way. Big E catches Crews as he tries to roll through the missed move. Powerslam from Big E! Big E plants Crews down hard and covers for a close two. Big E tries to get the digital audience to start a "New...Day Rock!" clap chant but the technician forgot to hit the button. Apollo with a standing Moonsault on Big E. Crews with a pin attempt. Crews whips Big E into the corner and splashes him. Crews whips Big E into the opposite corner but this time, BIg E catches Crews with a huge Urinage, nearly picking up the three! Apollo out to the apron. Big E tries to spear Crews through the ropes but Apollo dodges it, then drops Big E on the back of his neck on the apron. Crews goes back up top and flies, landing on Big E with a splash for a close two. Crews attempts to suplex Big E; E slams Crews. Close two count. Big E with the Big Ending on Crews! Big E covers but Azeez rips Big E out of the ring and attacks him at ring side, causing a DQ.
Your Winner by Disqualification, Big E. Apollo Crews is STILL Intercontinental Champion.

After the Match: Chaos Ensues

Kevin Owens runs down to make the save, brawling with Commander Azeez. Sami Zayn runs out to join it. Azeez easily shuts down KO and Big E then sends them out of the ring. Sami Zayn picks up the Intercontinental title and stares at it. When Azeez and Crews demand he give it back. After some stalling, Zayn gives the belt back to Crews and tells him there's no problem here. He raises Crews arm in victory, then Azeez's. Again he comments there's no problem here--until Azeez throat chops him.

Backstage Interview: Kayla Braxton with Paul Heyman

Kayla starts to ask Paul about Daniel Bryan and Heyman's voice goes screechy as he complains about hearing the name "Daniel Bryan." He agrees that Bryan always defied the odds, won the big match, won the title, that he graduated from NXT to SmackDown and Raw, and that he achieved the ultimate--becoming the champion of WWE in the main event of WrestleMania--to which he answers "Yes, yes, yes." He goes on to remind us that Daniel Bryan came back from a career-ending injury. Heyman then yells about everyone saying that Bryan is going to win, that this is DB's night (not sure who HE talks to). He starts a big yes chant regarding Daniel Bryan being resourceful...then asks "Will he do it? No! Will (he) be on SmackDown again? No....no.........no."

WWE Universal Championship Main Event Match: Roman Reigns(c) w/ Paul Heyman vs Daniel Bryan

If Daniel Bryan fails to win this match, he will be forced to leave SmackDown. It is uncertain yet if he must win the title, too, or just the match (making DQ and count-out important deciding factors.) Daniel Bryan comes out first. This is our fourth night of the match, our main event, and has about 35-37 minutes to run. Exciting! We see various clips of Daniel Bryan's big moments, including YestleMania/WrestleMania 30 in New Orleans when he went on to defeat three hall of famers in one night to win the championship. We go to break! When we return, WWE Champion Roman Reigns comes out, escorted by Paul Heyman. Pat McAfee points out that Roman has added fifteen pounds of pure muscle to his frame. Reigns has new theme music and it's actually decent. The official announcements and introductions are made as we ready for this match. Immediately with the bell, Bryan streaks across and nails Reigns with a dropkick. DB beats on Reigns in the corner as the ref counts. Roman shuts DB down with a big forearm. Reigns with a shoulder tackle. Reigns whips Bryan, who leaps up onto Reigns and pound away at his face. DB attempts to lock in the Yes Lock but Reigns escapes to the outside. Bryan takes not a second to pause, running up the turnbuckle, along the apron and diving off onto Roman Reigns! The Champ is down outside as we go to break!
Back from the break and Roman is held face-down on the mat as Bryan leaps up and drops elbows onto Reigns' left arm, attempting to weaken him and weaken his joints. Bryan takes Reigns into the corner. Bryan streaks to one side of the ring and comes back in with his leaping knee strike. Bryan does it again; he goes to the well one time too many as his third attempt ends with a huge clothesline from Reigns. Reigns covers but doesn't get a one. Reigns starts up his assault, stomping on Bryan's back. Reigns pulls DB up and headbutts him, then pulls him up again. Snap suplex followed by a cover attempt for one. Reigns pulls Bryan back and up to a seated position, locking on a sleeper. Reigns rolls with Bryan briefly as Bryan attempts to escape the neck lock. Bryan throws two rights to Reigns' midsection in an effort to gain some separation, but Reigns counters with a jumping knee to the mouth. Reigns takes his time now, whipping Bryan into the corner. Bryan tries to run up the turnbuckles in an effort to escape, but Roman catches him and takes him down again. Reigns is slightly winded, but Bryan's looking a bit tired. DB gets up, and gets knocked down again, but no tribal chief is gonna keep him down. DB takes control from Reigns on a missed shoulder charge. Bryan takes Reigns up top and looks for the top-rope Hurricanrana. Reigns' core strength easily stops DB's momentum, hoists him up and hits a top-rope powerbomb followed by a close pin attempt as we head to break!
We return and find Bryan pushed up against the ringside as the ref counts and Roman lays into Bryan. Reigns whips DB into the barricade before sending him back into the ring to attempt a cover. Bryan kicks out at two. Roman kicks Bryan's face, taunting him, frustrated with Bryan's tenacity. Roman pulls DB up to hit a big knee that drops him. Roman pulls DB up in the corner and hits multiple knees in the corner as the ref warns him. The digital crowd starts a loud "you suck" chant. Reigns positions Bryan on the top rope and climbs up. Bryan slips underneath and between Reigns' legs, then shoves him so that he crotches himself on the top turnbuckle! The Head of the Table might need to check the egg basket. Bryan climbs up and hits a huge back suplex off the turnbuckles! Both men are down! Bryan covers after too many long moments, and only picks up a two. We get several repeats of the back suplex. Bryan rises to his knees and throws a right uppercut to Reigns. Both men to their feet.
Bryan starts the It Kicks, targeting all along Roman's leg to weaken the muscle. Reigns hits a power slam and goes for the cover. Reigns posts up in the corner, looking for the spear. Reigns spears at Bryan, but Bryan blocks it with a big blow! Bryan works on dismantling Reigns' arm. Bryan sends Reigns outside. Bryan goes for a suicide dive but Reigns catches him and converts it into a exploder suplex. Reigns eyes up Bryan as he leans on the barricade. Reigns charges and spears--and again, Bryan evades it! Reigns spears the barricade and through it as we go to break!
Back again as Daniel Bryan flies off the top and connects with the diving headbutt, covering for two! Bryan shakes himself, trying to fire up. Bryan starts a big Yes chant as Reigns sets up in the corner. Reigns counters a flying knee attempt with a Superman Punch, and covers for a close two. Reigns posts up in the corner again, his right arm hurting him. He sets up for the spear as he awaits DB to rise. Reigns spears DB but Bryan rolls it through for a close pin attempt! Bryan rebounds off the rope with a running knee! Bryan covers Reigns for three--but Roman's foot is on the rope! Bryan shakes his head, frustrated, and catches his wind before rising to stand over Roman. DB pulls up the Champ by his arms just enough to stomp down on the head of the Head of the Table! Bryan gets Roman down and locks the right arm back, slapping on the Yes Lock! Roman tries to break free and manages to counter by rolling his body to escape. Roman with a quick rebound Spear! Roman covers for 2.75!!!
Both men are down in the ring still, after that vicious spear. The digital crowd breaks out into a "this is awesome" chant. Roman rises to his knees and pulls Bryan up. Reigns looks for it...no, Reigns locks the Guillotine in! Bryan desperately tries to slip out of it and does! Bryan goes right to the right arm, using an arm bar submission as Reigns screams! Bryan maneuvers it into a Yes Lock! Roman can't escape! Roman's reaching for the ropes as the ref checks on him. Roman inches closer and reaches but Bryan pulls Reigns' arm back and rolls him over into the center of the ring. Yes Lock on Roman! Roman's fading! Bryan wrenches back, Reigns' face stretched as Reigns finally forces Bryan's hands off his face. Roman rolls over and commits to ground-and-pound on Bryan. Reigns pulls Bryan up and hits a perfect Powerbomb. Reigns straddles DB and begins to pound on the back of Bryan's head. Again Roman hits a deadlift Powerbomb! Reigns sets up in the corner, eying his prey, but moves in instead and pulls up Bryan. Reigns again attempts to lock on the Guillotine with his bad right arm but can't. Reigns switches to his left arm, locking Bryan in the Guillotine! Bryan is fading! Bryan is fading! Bryan is out! Bryan is out!
Your Winner and STILL the Universal Champion, Roman Reigns!

Aftermath of the Main Event

After a great match, Roman stands victorious over Daniel Bryan and holds his belt up high. Bryan is still down as Cole and McAfee comment that Daniel Bryan is now barred from SmackDown. We get several replays of the bigger spots in the match. Reigns celebrates for a moment then takes a chair into the ring. Reigns sends another in. Reigns sets Bryan's head on one chair and picks up another, but Cesaro streaks out to save his friend! Cesaro storms into the ring and hits the fastest, most vicious European Uppercut I've seen. Cesaro checks on Bryan then follows Reigns outside. Again, Cesaro charges the length and hits a wicked European Uppercut that sends Roman flying! Out of nowhere, Jey Uso attacks! Uso with a Superkick to Cesaro! Uso and Roman get Cesaro in the ring, and use the middle and top ropes to restrain his arms as Reigns slams Bryan with the steel chair. Cesaro screams at Roman as the crowd chants loudly "You suck!" and we end our program!

In Closing

And that caps off our show for this evening! While there were only four matches each one was pretty solid with the main event being an especially long--and phenomenal--match. Well, there you have it! Thanks for stopping by! Why don'tcha swing on over Monday for some Raw action? Y'all have a great weekend and stay safe out there!

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