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Submitted by Rajah on April 01, 2003 at 00:08:11

We start live with a sign of the times, Lillian Garcia singing the National Anthem.

Steve Austin Interview
-The Raw music video plays, the pyro explodes, and we are LIVE, less than a week away from WrestleMania! Tonight, Triple H and Ric Flair will take on Booker T and Goldust, plus The Rock in Concert. But first... The glass breaks, and out comes Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin discusses the fact that he isn't scheduled to be out here with a referee, who wants him to leave so he can start his match. Stone Cold says that he's going to stand in the middle of the ring until The Rock comes out. It could have been Rock vs. Stone Cold and been a damn good WrestleMania match, but then Rock had to go and make Austin angry. He calls for Rock to bring his little guitar out and talk to him. Instead, Test's music plays, and he and Stacy come to the ring. Test says that he means no disrespect, but Bischoff sent him out because he has a match scheduled. Austin gives Test a Stunner! He sits next to Lillian and tells the ref that he can go and have his match, but he's not leaving. Lance Storm runs down because he is supposed to fight and pins the still down Test. The ref goes to get in the ring, but Austin pulls him out. Austin counts one...two...he stops, picks up Storm and Stunners him. Bischoff's music hits, and the Raw General Manager comes out with an army of police. Bischoff says that he's going to make sure Austin never lays a finger on him again. In his hands, he has a restraining order, stating that Austin has to leave the arena. Failure to do so may subject Austin to "mandatory arrest." It "may" subject him to "mandatory" arrest? Ok. Bischoff tells the police to surround the ring, and they do. He asks Austin whether he will be a man or get himself arrested. Austin walks out of the ring and up the non-existant ramp, the officers following behind him. Austin walks right up to Bischoff, who threatens arrest if Stone Cold hits him. Austin looks at him then walks to the back, still accompanied by the police. Bischoff says that, now that Austin is out of the way, we can be ready for a very special Raw event: The Rock Concert of the decade. It will be a special gift, from the Rock to the people.

We cut back to the halls, where Austin is walking towards the outside, when he hears a guitar chord. Austin stops and hears the strumming again. He turns to find The Rock standing and smiling. He begins playing "Jailhouse Rock" as Austin has to restrain himself from attacking Rock. After Austin leaves, Rock tells the fans to get ready for his concert. Fade Out.

Steven Richards & Victoria vs. Jeff Hardy & Trish Stratus
-Stevie Richards and Jeff Hardy start off, with Richards taking it to Jeff with clubs to the back. Jeff comes back by kicking Richards away, then hitting the double legdrop. Punches by Richards, followed with chops in the corner. Jeff reverses the situation and swings his feet into Richards' chest. Stevie tags in Victoria, meaning that Trish must come in, but Victoria starts pushing Jeff, trying to get him to attack. He tags Trish in. Trish comes in with kicks, finally knocking Victoria down with a spinning heel kick. Meanwhile, Jeff takes his fight with Stevie to the outside. Victoria hits a tilt-a-whirl slim 1-2-shoulder up. She misses an elbow drop, but scores with a raising knee. She goes top rope, but Trish hurricanranas her off. Stevie Richards runs in, but gets back bodydropped. He rests against the ropes, where Trish hits the Stratusfaction off Stevie's chest 1-2-3! After the match, Jeff and Trish walk up holding hands and giving each other loving eyes. They stop, and stare at each other, when Jazz runs up and beats Trish down. Stevie and Victoria come running up, with Stevie taking out Jeff. Victoria taunts the fallen Trish, so Jazz knocks Victoria out as well and claims she will win at WrestleMania. Fade Out.

In the back, Eric Bischoff is on the phone, when Coach comes in. Bischoff tries to get him to leave him alone, but Coach tells him that Security told him to get Bischoff because they had a situation.

In the back, Booker finds Goldust, who says that he's proud of Booker for fighting Triple H at WrestleMania and says that he's going to be the new World Heavyweight Champion. Booker, concerned with all of Goldust's speech patterns, asks if he'll be all right tonight. Goldust says that he'll be fine with the fans behind him. Goldust reminds Booker not to hate the player, but to hate The Game.

Bischoff goes to the security room, where they show him tape from a camera outside the arena, showing Austin's truck sitting outside the arena, with Austin pacing around. Bischoff asks if they can do anything, but is told that his restraining order only keeps Austin from being inside the arena. Bischoff asks Coach to go tell Austin to leave the parking lot, but Coach says he won't. Bischoff says he can either talk to Austin or be fired, so Coach leaves. Fade Out.

Scott Steiner vs. Christian
-Steiner and Christian lock up, and Steiner simply pushes Christian out of the ring. Christian comes back and applies a side headlock, only for Steiner to take him out with a clothesline. Steiner hits an elbow drop and does some push-ups. Military press slam from Steiner. Steiner picks up Christian and rams him into the corner. He picks up Christian again, but this time Christian rolls back and pulls Steiner to the mat 1-2-power out. Christian chokes Steiner with a boot, then hits a falling neckbreaker 1-2-power out. Christian lays in with a chokehold, then mocks Steiner's bicep. Steiner comes back with elbows, then an overhead belly-belly. Clothesline by Steiner, then another, then a powerslam 1-2-shoulder up. Big boot by Christian, who uses the ropes but still gets a two count. Steiner flips Christian onto the apron, but Christian lands on his feet and guillotines Steiner. Christian goes up top, but Steiner 'buckles him and hits a Super Fallaway Slam 1-2-3! Steiner dedicates the match to his freaks, and once again reminds them that he is indeed their hook-up, and that they should holler if they hear him.

Outside, Coach tells Austin that Bischoff told him that if Austin doesn't leave, his life will be a living hell. Austin stares at him. Coach says that he'll go back and tell Bischoff that he got the message. Austin keeps staring, so Coach goes back inside. Fade Out.

In the back, Terri asks Chief Morley what his major announcement is. Morley says that unfortunately, due to William Regal's illness and injury, the Tag Team Titles have not been defended in the mandatory thirty days. Thus, it is his duty to name new Tag Champions: Lance Storm and himself. Rob Van Dam and Kane walk up, and Van Dam says that, since they've beaten Morley and Storm, they deserve a Titleshot. Morley declines, as they've only been Champions for about a minute. Besides, there is another team that is also deserving: the Dudley Boys. Kane says that he's fine with that, as they have business with the Dudleys as well, so why not have a match between the two teams for the WrestleMania Titleshot? Morley agrees. Fade Out.

Ric Flair & Triple H vs. Goldust & Booker T
-Ric Flair and Goldust start off, with Goldust prssing Flair into a corner, then hitting a straight right. Uppercuts by Goldust, then a back bodydrop. Flair hits shoulder thrusts and tags in Triple H. Trips takes his time, allowing Goldust to knock down Flair and Triple H. Tag to Booker. Booker and Triple H stare each other down. They lock up, and Trips gets a side headlock. Booker pushes him out, but Trips hits a shoulder block. Hiptoss by Booker T. Trips hits a knee to the gut, but Booker catches him with a reverse thrust kick. Chops by Booker, but Trips again hits a knee. Tag to Flair. Flair lays in those legendary chops, but Booker soon reverses the position and hits overhand chops of his own. Back suplex by Booker 1-2-shoulder up. Flair pokes Booker in the eye and tags in Triple H. Booker catches Trips with a spinning heel kick, but Flair chop blocks Booker. Goldust attacks Flair and they battle outside. In the ring, Triple H and Booker exchange punches. Trips kicks Booker in the gut and tosses him out of the ring. Flair tries to get in some shots, but Goldust runs over and picks up Booker. Fade Out.

Ric Flair & Triple H vs. Goldust & Booker T (Continued)
-As we return, Ric Flair has Booker T in the Figure Four. Booker tries to turn Flair over, which as we all know will put the pressure on Flair. Just as Booker does, Flair breaks the hold. Booker makes a tag to Goldust, who comes in and starts chopping away. Back body drop to Flair. Thump to Triple H. Goldust takes down Flair, but has another spasm, allowing Triple H to take him out from behind. Goldust comes back with a double uppercut. Atomic drop to Flair, then a double clothesline on both his opponents. Goldust runs at Trips, but he drops and Goldust goes flying out of the ring. On the outside, Flair distracts the ref as Triple H smashes Goldust's shoulder into the ringpost. Back in the ring, Triple H distracts the ref as Ric Flair uppercuts Goldust's groin. Trips comes back in and stomps away, then applies a boot choke. Trips distracts the ref again and Flair chokes Goldust. Goldust starts to fight back, but Triple H ducks his punch and hits a falling neckbreaker 1-2-shoulder up. Tag to Flair. Straight punch by Flair, followed with a knee drop 1-2-kickout. Chops by Flair, but again Goldust fights back. Flair calls for Triple H to come in, so Nick Patrick goes to stop him. Goldust dives for Booker and tags him, but Patrick doesn't allow it as he didn't see it. Flair tags in Triple H. Big boot by Goldust, who rolls across the ring and again tags in Booker. Spinning heel kick to Triple H. Jumping calf kick to Flair, then to Triple H. Spinning heel kick to Flair. Booker lays in on Trips in the corner, but Flair hits the knee again. Booker tosses Triple H out of the ring, then whips Flair face-first into the turnbuckles. Goldust beats on Flair outside, as Booker T goes and attacks Triple H outside. Booker smashes Triple H's head into the stairs, busting him open. Back inside, Booker hits a flying forearm. Chops in the corner by Booker, when Flair comes in. Booker hits Flair with the scissors kick and pins him, but Nick Patrick tells him that Tripel H is the legal man. Booker goes over to Trips, but Triple H catches him with an elbow to the head. He looks for a Pedigree, but Booker blocks it and catapults Trips into the turnbuckle. Scissors kick by Booker 1-2-3!

In the back, Ric Flair is trying to keep Triple H pumped up about his chances at WrestleMania, but Trips is beginning to see Booker's heart.

Chris Jericho Interview
-The Y2J Countdown hits 0.00 and out comes the Ayatollah, the King of the World, the Rock Star, the Living Legend, Chris Jericho. Jericho says that a lot has happened since Jericho and Shawn Michaels had their first run-in in December. He's attacked Michaels; Michaels has attacked him. But now there is something that he has to tell Shawn face-to-face. Moans fill the arena as the Heart Break Kid, the Show Stopper, the Icon, Shawn Michaels comes to the ring. Jericho talks about last week's video package that detailed Shawn's WrestleMania career. Jericho says that it reminded him of why he wanted to get into this business as a kid. He wanted to be Shawn Michaels. He used to pattern himself after Michaels in moves and look and everything. Jericho plays video of types of innovative moves that Michaels performed and videos of some of Jericho's early matches in which Jericho performs the same moves. Jericho shows pictures of how much they looked alike. But more than that, he had the desire and passion that Shawn Michaels had. People used to say that he would be the next Shawn Michaels, and back then it was a compliment. But not now. Now he'd much rather be the first Chris Jericho than the next Shawn Michaels, because he's better than Michaels now. He came in and carried this company. The Show Stopper was replaced with the Highlight of the Night. While Michaels was at home making babies, Jericho was in the ring making history. Of all the opponents he has faced, he is looking forward to fighting HBK most. And of all the people he has beaten, he is looking forward to embarassing Shawn most. After WrestleMania, he will have proven that he is better than Shawn Michaels. Jericho slaps Shawn, but Shawn just laughs. He gives Jericho a much harder slap, and Jericho smiles. They go nose-to-nose as we Fade Out.

In the back, The Rock comes up to Eric Bischoff and says that he has a great idea. Bischoff says that the last great idea Rock had, Bischoff ended up getting his ass kicked. Rock appologizes, but says that this is about Austin as well. He asks why Austin is still waiting. Bischoff says it's because he wants to attack, but Rock says it's obviously because he wants to hear The Rock Concert. He tells Bischoff to put some speakers out in the parking lot so that Austin can hear every note. Bischoff says he's not going out there, so Rock tells him to get Morley to do it. Bischoff agrees. Fade Out.

Kane & Rob Van Dam vs. Dudley Boyz
-Kane starts off against BuhBuh, with elbows and punches in the corner. Kane knocks D-Von off the apron, allowing BuhBuh to belly-back suplex him. Tag to D-Von. D-Von clotheslines Kane and follows with an elbow drop 1-2-shoulder up. Kane tags in RVD. Scoop slam by Kane, which Van Dam follows with a slingshot legdrop 1-2-shoulder up. Van Dam hurricanranas D-Von, then catches him with a spinning heel kick. Scoop slam by Van Dma, followed with Rolling Thunder 1-2-kickout. Van Dam leaps onto the second rope, but D-Von catches him with a reverse bulldog. Tag to BuhBuh. BuhBuh lays in with three elbow drops but only gets a two count. Snapmare by BuhBuh, into a neck wrench. Van Dam comes back with a step-over heel kick. Tag to Kane and D-Von. Knockdowns followed with a back bodydrop. Clothesline in the corner to D-Von, then a shot that knocks BuhBuh off the apron. Powerslam by Kane 1-2-shoulder up. Big Boot to BuhBuh. Kane goes up top and misses the flying clothesline for perhaps the first time in history. BuhBuh knocks Van Dam off the apron. They hit Kane with a double flapjack, only for Van Dam to fly in with a spin kick form up top to knock D-Von out. BuhBuh catches Van Dam with an overhead slam. Van Dam hits a springboard spin kick on BuhBuh. Chief Morley runs down and gets on the apron. As the ref yells at him, Lance Storm runs into the ring and goes to hit Van Dam, but mistakenly hits D-Von. BuhBuh yells at Storm, allowing Kane to clothesline both of them out of the ring. Kane chokeslams D-Von and Van Dam hits the Five Star 1-2-3!

Outside, crew members set up a wall of speakers in front of Austin's truck. Austin gets on the phone. Fade Out.

The Rock Concert
-The Rock comes out and takes a seat in the ring, a music stand in front of him and a table with a bottle of Peregrino beside him. He welcomes everyone in Sacramento to this concert. The best part of being in Sacramento he says is when he leaves. He starts with a song about leaving Sacramento, complete with shots at the city's fat women and at the Sacramento Kings. Rock says he has a special song for Stone Cold. He plays "You Ain't Nothing But A Hound Dog", replacing "hound dog" with "red neck." He has another song for Austin, this one from Willie Nelson. He sings Willie's "On The Road Again," with lyrics about not being able to wait to whip Austin's ass again. He says that he has one last song, and he wants Austin to pay special attention to it. He sings Sinatra's "My Way," with special lyrics about beating Stone Cold at WrestleMania Rock's way. We cut to video of the outside, where an ambulance speeds into the arena. Austin's truck drives through the speakers and follows it. Rock calls the police to the ring. Austin's truck pulls up to the ring, but it's The Hurricane who is driving. The officers converge on Hurricane and pull him to the back. Rock takes a seat and plays one last song. Meanwhile, Austin stands up from under a sheet in the truck's pickup bed. Austin hits the ring and beats Rock into the corner. Stomps by Austin, then a clothesline. Rock narrowly escapes a guitarshot by rolling out of the ring and running back behind the truck. Austin looks at the guitar and goes to smash it against the turnbuckles, but then doesn't. He sets it at his feet and tells Rock to come get it. Rock starts to come towards the ring, but Austin puts his foot through the guitar. He picks it up and smashes what is left.

In the back, Vince McMahon makes his way towards the ring. Fade Out.

Bonus: Hogan/Vince
-As we return to this extended Raw, Vince McMahon is in the ring. He says that he has accomplished more than everyone in this ring put together. But he is especially proud of what occured last week. Video is played of last Thursday's contract signing of the McMahon vs. Hogan WrestleMania match. Hogan tells Mean Gene that this contract means more than just a match, because if he loses, he'll hang up the boots for good. But he isn't going to let Hulkamania die. Vince had the audacity to come out and say that he made Hulkamania, but Hogan says that he is dead wrong. As he lives and breathes, the Hulkamaniacs made Vince McMahon. But instead of him just talking, why doesn't Vince come out and join him. They cut to the back, where Vince tells everyone to watch closely. In the arena, "No Chances" hits, but McMahon appears from behind Hogan and nails him with a chair. He repeatedly cracks the chair over Hogan's back. Hogan begins to stumble up, so McMahon nails him in the face with the chair. McMahon takes the contract and signs it. He brings it over to Hogan and starts maliciously stabbing Hogan with the pen. He signs for Hogan in Hogan's own blood. Back at Raw, Vince says he's proud of many things. He's proud to be an American. He's proud of having created Hulkamania, and he's proud that he will get to end it.

Coming up next, more "let's forget about the whole brand extension thing to plug WrestleMania" coverage, as we look at Angle/Lesnar. Fade Out.

Bonus: Angle/Lesnar
-More coverage of things happening on SmackDown, this time of Kurt Angle demanding an appology from Brock Lesnar for attacking his brother Eric. Kurt calls Brock out because what you do to one Angle, you do to all Angles. Instead of getting Brock, SmackDown! GM Stephanie McMahon comes out. She is the one that is sorry: sorry that not only will Angle have to defend his Title at WrestleMania, if anyone interferes in their match, Angle will automatically forfeit his Title. This is so that Angle and Lesnar can give the people the best WrestleMania match this industry has ever seen. Angle agrees, but he won't do it for the people. He won a gold medal with a broken neck, so beating Brock Lesnar again won't be a problem. But they still aren't leaving until Lesnar comes and appologizes. Lesnar comes out and into the ring. Angle takes a crutch from Eric to defend himself, but still sacrifices his brother as Angle rolls outside. Eric low blows Lesnar with the crutch, allowing Angle to come back in and hit Brock in the throat with a crutch. Angle sets up a chair and Olympic Slams Lesnar through the chair. Angle applies a choke hold until referees can pull him off. Fade Out.

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