Flair / Edge Switch Roles, Crowds Determine Heel/Face, RVD Declines Comment on Bradshaw

* When appearing on the McDonnell/Douglas radio show in California yesterday, RVD refused to comment on the much talked about Bradshaw controversy from the show in Germany when asked about it by the hosts. RVD did comment, however, on his happiness in the Smackdown locker room and that the opportunity allowed him to be a top tier star.

* Lately at WWE house shows, wrestlers have been instructed by road agents that if the crowd is cheering a heel or booing a babyface, they should go with the crowd's reaction rather than try to fight it and keep to the script. This was evident at the show in Manchester, England when Edge cut a heel promo before the match and clarifying Ric Flair as the babyface for the match as he has always been a crowd favorite in England.

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