Mainstream Press Catches on to John Bradshaw Layfield Fiasco

The following is from the Associated Press :

NEW YORK - CNBC has dumped professional wrestler John "Bradshaw" Layfield as a financial analyst after he was observed making Nazi gestures during a World Wrestling Entertainment match in Munich.

Layfield, who has written a book on personal finance, had been a CNBC contributor for only three weeks.

While in the wrestling ring over the weekend, Layfield reportedly imitated a Nazi march and raised his arm in a Nazi salute.

"We find his behavior to be offensive, inappropriate and not befitting anyone associated with our network," CNBC spokeswoman Amy Zelvin said Wednesday.

In a statement, the WWE said it and Layfield "deeply regret" the actions in the ring "and apologize if it has offended or upset our fans. Mr. Layfield has been reprimanded for his actions."

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[ Source: Pro Wrestling Insider ]