Ken Shamrock Interview: WWF, Upcoming Fight in Vegas, UFC, more

* Thanks to reader Alex Young for sending in the following:

Former NWA World Heavyweight Champion and former WWE star Ken Shamrock appeared on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live on Friday, June 11. Here are some of the highlights;

Jimmy Kimmel introduces him as "The World's Most Dangerous Man". The other guest (George Lopez) acts like he's afraid to shake Ken's hand.

Jimmy asks Ken how he trains for UFC. Ken said that he studied freestyle boxing, kick boxing, and other mixed martial arts.

Ken says that he has 6 children: ages 16, 15, 14, 12, 10, and 7. Jimmy asked if they watch him fight and he said responded that they do not. My sound cut out for a brief moment next, but he then said something like the only thing he lets them watch is WWF. He also might've said that he doesn't even let them watch WWF, I'm not sure. But he did say WWF!

Jimmy mentioned that Ken will be fighting Kimo in Mandalay Bay hotel in Vegas for UFC. He made a joke that Ken will be fighting a man whose name is synonymous with a cancer treatment. Ken says that Kimo is a big guy.

All in all, Ken Shamrock was very friendly and charismatic and the crowd seemed to enjoy him. A couple of noteworthy items: Neither he nor Jimmy mentioned that he was a former NWA World Champion and, as mentioned above, Ken Shamrock said WWF rather than WWE.

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[Reader Alex Young]