Gorgeous George, Rikishi's Status, Sabu on Bad Terms, Jarrett / Randy Savage

* Heading to Wednesday night's NWA-TNA show, Sabu missed more than one flight which resulted in his being chewed out by Jerry Jarrett. Sabu has recently complained about the style of matches he's been booked in and was upset that he wasn't booked in an Impact match. Lots of rumors are now circulating that Sabu may either quit the company or will be fired although those are still rumors at this point.

* While Rikishi has been off the road to nurse his ankle injury, many road agents are now thinking he may be milking the injury and is on the verge of being released from the WWE. Those same road agents are many of the ones upset that he didn't lose as much weight as expected when asked to by WWE management.

* Gorgeous George, former girlfriend of Macho Man Randy Savage, is the girl who has been coming out at the end of Jeff Jarrett's matches lately. Unfortunately, her backstage actions may keep her from any kind of push with the company.

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