Undertaker to Win WWE Title, Ken Shamrock, JBL, SummerSlam, Billy Gunn/Raven

* Recently backstage Billy Gunn has been overheard telling friends that he believes he could make as much as Raven does in NWA-TNA and on the indy scene if he chose to leave the WWE.

* Ken Shamrock is in the process of licensing the Lion's Den as a brand name in hopes of finding investors who are willing to pay a franchise fee. Reports state that there are already a couple of interested parties, but nothing official as of this report.

* Rumors have been circulating backstage that the Undertaker will defeat JBL and win the WWE Title at the SummerSlam PPV. Those in the upper tier of the WWE feel that Guerrero won't be the one to take the belt from JBL and it will be the Undertaker.

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