WWE House Show Results (7/16/04) - Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania
Wachovia Arena
July 16th 2004
Reported by StratusfiedFan, rajah.com reader


These are the matches from the Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania Show. The order might not be correct.

Val Venis vs. Rodney Mack with Jazz: The match was back and forth of a while. Jazz even interfered a some point.
Winner: Val Via Money Shot.

Steven Richards vs. Some guy I don't know: Steven Richards won

Chuck Palumbo Vs William Regal: Chuck came out and was saying that Wilkes Barre, it the armpit of American. And bad talking Eugene....Regal was great in the match. Very constant and strong.
Winner: Regal

La Resistance vs.Tajiri and Rhyno: La Resistance came out singing The Canadian National Athem. This prompted Tajiri and Rhyno to come running out. A lot of face was make by Tajiri to get the fans into the match and a ton of USA chants.
Winner: La Resistance

Victoria Vs. Molly: Victoria is way over here. She was dancing with the crowd and hugging people. Molly was going to win this contest until a "unknown"(Steven Richards) female came out and distracted Molly so that Victoria could get the roll up.
Winner Victoria

Maven vs. Tyson Tomko: Bad match. Boring chants were heard everywhere. People even walked out of the arena to go get food. Tomko definately needs lots of work in the ring. There was a LOT of We want Trish chants.
Winner: Tyson Tomko

Coach came out and told us that the scheduled IC title match was going from Chris Jericho vs. Edge vs Batista to Edge vs. Batista and that Jericho was going to have a match against Kane. He then called Stacy out and when she got into the ring, Coach stated that she didn't stack up to the Divas in the Divas search. He berated her and finally as we thought she was leaving the ring she turned around and punched him in the lower section.

Kane called out Lita and she did the whole thing that she did on Monday night. (Kane said that he could hurt Lita and stuff like that. and Lita told Kane that Matt was the father of the baby because he is more man that Kane would ever be. Also. Being as close as I was. Lita is actually getting fat. I dunno if they are putting stuff in her clothes or what but I got the picturs to prove it as well.)Kane tried to hurt her and Hurricane saved her. Hurricane then got choke slammed for his efforts. Chris Jericho then came out with a chair and chased Kane from the ring.

Kane vs Jericho: Chris Jericho attempted the walls of Jericho once to no success, but the secion time it worked.
Winner: Chris Jericho

Edge vs. Batista: Batista came out stating that Edge winning on Monday Night was a fluke and that it would never happen again. He was wrong.
Winner: Edge

Chris Benoit vs. Triple H: Triple H got out of the ring a few times even trying to go back to the back. Match was the best of the night. The fans loved it. LOTS of You taped out chants for HHH.
Winner: Benoit.

Cheers: (In no order)
1. Victoria
2. Rhyno and Tajiri (tied)
3. Beniot and Edge (tied)
4. Stacy
5. Chris Jericho

1. HHH
2. Molly
3. Batista
4. The Tomko/Maven match
5. La Resistance

The arena was about half full but the crowd was hot. The wrestlers were arguing back and forth with the audience. The best house show that I have ever seen in Wilkes Barre.