WWE House Show Results (8/7/04) - Baltimore, Maryland

Report by: file91e, rajah.com reader

*Cruiserweight Championship*
Rey Mysterio vs. Jamie Noble vs. Spike Dudley (c)
Good match between these three. Rey was selling the ribs from the attack from SD!
Jamie Noble was great not missing a beat and Spike Dudley got some heat but there
were many cheers for him. The wrestling was great.
ENDING: Rey goes for 619 on Spike Noble stops Rey with a clothesline sending Rey
outside. Spike then caught Noble with a Dudley Dog and won. Spike ran out of the
ring taunting both Rey and Noble. Rey and Noble go face to face then after a few
volleying hits Rey hit the 619 and Noble rolled out of the ring.

Ms. Jackie and Torrie Wilson came out and sot T-shirts out of a cannon. Rene Dupree
then came out and berated Baltimore and assaulted both women. Then Teddy Long came
out and made a match between Dupree and Johnny Stamboli. Stamboli came out and