WWE House Show Results (8/8/04) - Toledo, Ohio

Toledo Ohio 8/8/04
By Conner, rajah.com reader

The arena was about less then half full maybe 40-48% Not even all the Floor
seats where sold! They need to step up House Show Attendence. But It was a
very good show. Its the PreSummerslam tryout matches

1st Match:
Shelton Benjinman Vs Chuck Palumbo

I think it was Sheltons return to ring which was cool. But you go from
beating HHH 2 weeks in a row. Flair at a PPV fighting for the IC title to
opening a small town house show...... All in 2 months. injuries really hurt
wrestlers! Pretty slow match. Got the crowd to a nice start. Basically back
and forth, in the end Shelton won with the Dragon kick!

Coach comes down to the ring and says that Eazy E told him to keep control
over the house show and that there would be a Triple Threat IC Title Match
with Edge defending against Batista and Y2J. Also that Eugene would take on
Flair and Beniot would put his TItle on the line against Randy Orton. Then
the coach said how fat Toledo people are and he brought out his personal
trainer. Simon Dean(Nova... I think) He told people to do 100 sqauts with
him He got to ten and Stevie Richards came out. They began to fight

2nd Match
Simon Dean Vs Stevie Richards

Slow match. Nova doesn't fly around and isn't fast. But these two put on
great matches in ECW. If in fact it was Nova(didn't get good enough look)
Back and forth slow. Dean tried a hurricaruna but Stevie reversed into a
Styles Clash(which pissed me off) and got the pin. They could of got
Styles.... why have Richards do his finisher.... errr!

3rd Match
WWE Tag Team Titles
La Resistance vs Rhyno & Tajiri

Possible Summerslam Match. But it was good. Lots of USA chants. Lots of
cheating too by La Resistance. Big pop for tag to Rhyno. Seeing as how
Detroit is only about 50 minutes away. In the end Rhyno hit the gore and
went outside to beat down the frenchman! Tajiri missed the kicked and Conway
rolled him with a school boy with feet on the ropes and got the 3 count.

Coach came down once again and introduced Lita. Who got a HUGE pop and Coach
said that Toledo likes Lita seeing as how she gets around. She then tells
Coach to shut up and that she wont marry Kane. Then Kane came down and
taunted Lita and told her not to make him angry. She then slapped him but
Kane grabbed her arm. Maven then ran down and made the save. The match

4th Match
Kane Vs Maven

Maven had the edge for about 2 minutes. Then Kane won with a chokeslam in
another 2 minutes

5th Match
Eugene Vs Ric Flair

Big pop Eugene. What can I say everyone likes him, but how long can they
carry this on. Flair came down to a nice pop then to boos. Eugene did what
Flair did. And even through his coat at the guy who took Flairs robe. pretty
funny match, lots of Woooos of course. Eugene locked in the figure four. but
it was broken. Eugene then put on Flairs robe and the ref made him take it
off and Flair took the advantage. Flair through Eugene in the ropes and then
he did a sunset flip. flair didn't go down. Eugene pulled down Flair tights,
so we see his ass. Funny but gross. He then hit the stunner with his pants
down and got the 3.


6th Match
Victoria Vs Molly Holly

Didn;t really pay attention to the slow match but Victoria looks good. No
Widowpeak or anything specail. Victoria missed a moonsault and Molly covered
with her feet on the ropes and got the V

7th Match
IC Title
Edge Vs Batista Vs Jericho

AWESOME MATCH! lots of back and forth cant wait for them to go all out at
Summerslam cause it will be one of the best. Everyone hit there moves expect
Batista and the powerbomb. A great wrestling match, plenty of close calls.
Ending came with Batista locked in the Walls Of Jericho and Edge hitting a
spear covering Jericho for the 3 count

World Heavyweight TItle
Randy Orton Vs Chris Beniot

Match of the night! For being a run through. They put on a hell of a match.
Summerslam will be worth buying. Esp. with Eddie and Angle on that card too.
Anyway. Back and forth. Randy got the best heat. I think only me and a hot
girl were the only ones cheering for him. Beniot hit about 10 Germans. Randy
Orton hit an RKO. Ending came with Beniot trying to lock in the Sharp
Shooter. He pushed him off and knocked out fhe ref. Flair came down after
beniot then locked in the Crossface, which Orton tapped. But he got out of
it. Randy then hit the RKO. The ref got up and counted a 2 count. Flair got
back up on the apron. But Eugene came down and hit Flair. Orton got confused
turned around kicked Beniot tried another RKO but Beniot locked in the
Crossface and Randy tapped out!

Overall a nicly done show. Wish more people were there. Going to Raw on
Monday NIght and Smackdown on Tuesday Night.

Biggets Pops

Biggest Heat
Randy Orton
La Resistance
Flair(coming to help Orton)

No HHH, Matt Hardy, Regal.
Not that full
Bad Advertisements for the show..... Lots of people though it was actually
Raw. forget what day of the week it is? I dont know.... no stage....... no
pyro......... its a SUNDAY! And the kids behind us though Summerslam was
taking place in Toledo....... hmm me and my friend found it funny.