WWE House Show Results (8/28/04) - Brisbane, Australia

Report by: Dominic Philip, rajah.com reader

Hey Rajah went to the smackdown house show in BRISBANE AUSTRALIA last night and it kicked ass.
I had a great time and it was the first time the WWE had come to brisbane.
The arena was almost 100% full so I reckon about 50 thousand people were in attendance.

Match 1 The Dudleys (Bubbah, Dvon and spike) vs. Rey mysterio, Paul London and Billy Kidman

Very slow start to this match with lots of deep "Ricky Steamboat" arm drags by Paul london and basic power throwing and pushing by Bubbah.
The fans were still hella into it though with pops for every move that the faces hit and after about 5 minutes of Paul London getting pounded he nailed a dropsault and Rey Mysterio got the tag. The Crowd went absolutely nuts for everything he did. Especially the 619 and the springboard splash which ended in the victory for his team.
Winner Rey mysterio, Paul London and Billy Kidman.

Match 2 Billy Gunn vs. Hiedenrich (with Paul Heyman)

No major blown spots but it was still not the best match.....Heyman got so much heat, someone yelled out Heyman sucks, and he said that "I may suck but it was ur mother that taught me how" Hiedenrich hit his sidewalk slam variation (otherwise known as a bossman slam or a long arm of the law) for the win.
Winner Hiedenrich

Match 3 Charlie Haas vs. Kenzo Suzuki

Haas was pretty over and popular with the Brisbane fans becase he signed autographs at a local mall before the show. The fans couldnt really get into this one until the end when Haas hit a picture perfect T-Bone suplex and his bridgeing german suplex for the 1-2-3. Can't remember Suzuki getting any offence besides a big boot and a revearse fujiwara armbar. MEH what else is new.
Winner Charlie Haas

Match 4 Luther Reigns vs. Funaki

Funaki started off with a bang with 4 different variations of dropkicks that stunned Luther and got the fans out of their seat. This was short lived however as when funaki climber to the top rope for a diving cross body Luther caught him and nailed the seated over the shoulder powerslam for the win after about 30 seconds.
Winner Luther Reigns
Match 5 WWE TITLE JBL (c) vs. Eddie Guerrero

another match that was slow out of the boxes but definately gained interest by the end. Lots of heat for bradshaw and he got the typical australian "You are a wanker!!!" chants about 6 times. about half way through the match Bradshaw hit Eddie with a fall away slam and eddie was down for a long while while bradshaw looked disorientated and so did the referee, Nick Patrick. JBL taunted for quite sometime and killed time with a sleeper while guerrero recovered from the hard bump I guess. The finish came when there was a ref bump and bradshaw grabbed the belt. Eddie hit a frogsplash but the Ref was still down. He hit bradshaw with the belt also but the ref was STILL down. then when Eddie finally woke the ref bradshaw hit him with the belt which the ref somehow missed because he was still groggy and got the pinfall victory.
Winner (and still wwe champion) JBL

INTERMISSION (which I felt was a bit short because we had to run back to our seats as to not miss the next match)

Match 6 Booker T and Rene Dupree vs. Rob Van Dam and John Cena

RVD is the greatest man to ever walk the Earth....just thought id that little bit of bias opinion out of the way. Great match with a false finish and a restarting by Theodore Long. Cena started the match while wearing an inflatable hand which the Aussies loved. I am not a fan of cena but he is admittedly good to watch live and quite entertaining, as is booker T. RVD and Rene did the same beginning to the match as their previous match on smackdown a couple of weeks ago. (it was good but has nothing on the rvd vs. Jerry Lynn "revearsal starts") RVD nailed a handspring backflip splash and a few sick leaping side kicks but that was about it. Cena came in and cleared house with his 5 knuckle shuffles and sit down hip tosses. Before booker T used an exposed turnbuckle to get the win. However Teddy long entered and restarted the match and within 20 seconds Cena hit a F-U and RVD came from the clouds with the best frogsplash in all of wrestling and got the victory. After the match RVD hung around for like 5 minutes taunting to every corner of the crowd and taking a bow at the top of the ramp. Cena was so over it isn't funny, the fans idolised him throughout the whole night. He cut a rap after the match which was lame but everyone cheered anyway.
Winners RVD and John Cena

Best Body Contest Torrie Wilson, Dawn Marie, Jackie Gayda

Torrie was the "winner" but really the whole crowd were winners as all three girls did the normal ass shaking and whatever. Dawn gave Tony Chimmel a lap dance which got a big pop. Anyway.......
Winner Torrie Wilson

Match 7 Kurt Angle vs. The Undertaker

Best match of the night hands down, not just because the fans were most into it, but just Kurt's wrestling was Kickass and Takers trademark moves are just sick in person. Taker had to battle with Luther Reigns at ringside and knocked him down a few times. He hit the Old School, taking care of buisness (dragon sleeper) and his version of flatliner. Angle in return hit a variety of suplexes including a belly to belly, a german and a vertical. The finish was really built up and just completely awesome with Angle revearsing a chokeslam into an anglelock and when taker broke this he revearsed a tombstone into an anglelock. When taker broke this Kurt hit an Angle Slam and Taker sat up, looking really pissed. Taker chokeslammed angle and got a 2 count, before Angle revearsed a 3rd tombstone, going for another Angle Slam, which taker of course revearsed to a tombstone and got the 3 count.
Winner The Undertaker
Post match Luther stormed the ring and Taker gave him the sickest, huge one handed chokeslam in history....(glad luther took a good bump and didnt stuff it up, cause I predicted that would happen).

Well it was an excellent show by anyones standards and especially brisbane who havent had wwe perform here before. It was the best night of my life to date and I was so happy to see it, especially RVD. It was like a wrestlemania to the crowd and the last 2 matches were PPV quality. After every match the faces stayed behind and taunted/thanked the crowd and they all got huge pops.

Best Face Pops
1. Taker
2. Cena
3. Rey Mysterio

Considerable mentions to Eddie and Rvd (just because I was flipped out and yelled til I was coarse)

Big Heel Heat
1. Heyman
2. JBL
3. Dupree/Booker T

Brisbane, Australia August 28 2004

By: XIW4LYF (Mike), rajah.com reader

Well I just got back from the Brisbane leg of WWE's 'Return Of The Deadman' tour. I said the same thing after my experiences last year and I will say it again, WWE is just amazing and not the same when it's live. So let's get down to the review.

Show started with Torrie Wilson, Dawn Marie and Miss Jackie walking to the ring, all lookin fine and smokin as per usual. They all worked the crowd a lil bit, Torrie wanted to do something and everyone thought it was taking her close off. In fact she apparently always wanted to lead an 'Aussie Aussie' chant, so we did that and got a huge response.

Out came Theordore R Long, he got the crowd to ;'holla holla' at him and announced Eddie Vs JBL for the WWE title and Undertaker will main event the show.

London/Kidman/Rey Vs Dudleyz
Bubba knows how to work a crowd and this show was no exception in classic heel fashion. Good opening match, Me and my buddies started an 'Let's Go London' chant, The first lot of 'wanker' chants started with 'Bubba Is A Wanker'. Alot of good spots in during the match especially from the face team. Spike got alot of his spots through however no Bubba Bomb, no 3-D and no tables either. Mysterio wins with a west coast legdrop thingy.

Winner: London/Kidman/Rey
John Heidenreich Vs Billy Gunn

Gunn came out to a decent entrance pop, as expected the match was really nothing besides shoving Heidenreich down our throats. Smackdown is shown on Saturday nights here in Australia and most fans wouldn't have seen Heidenreich yet. However the start of the match was quite interesting as Billy did the DX Suck It!!! thing which of course was his trademark with the New Age Outlaws and throughout the match he would do taunt Heyman and Heidenreich with crotch chops. Billy loses via interference from Heyman. At the end of the match. Alot of missed spots in the match, at one point both men started going to the opposite corners before Billy pulled Heidenreich towards him. Billy Gunn showed the crowd his ass four times. Heyman called us a wanker and the crowd started a 'Heyman Is A Wanker' chants.
Winner: John Heidenreich

Kenzo Suzuki Vs Charlie Haas

I wish the WWE would stop putting such great wrestlers against useless talent. Like the above match, it really didn't get that much reaction. Haas showed his class by excuting some nicely timed suplexes. Suzuki looked like he did the same move about three times each, there were three different spots at different parts of the match with him doing a knee drop in the middle of the ring. There were a few racisit comments towards Suzuki though, I thought that was pretty low. Suzuki wins after Hiroko distracts the ref.

Winner: Kenzo Suzuki

Luther Reigns Vs Funaki

Funaki drop kicks Luther in four different places and tries a crossbody, Luther does some big slam, probably his finisher, match over. The entrances were longer than the actual match. Funaki got a decent reaction at the start and at the end of the match, good to see.

Winner: Luther Reigns
JBL Vs Eddie Guerrero

'Bradshaw is a wanker' chants floaded before he could even say anything. Surprisingly enough this match was actually quite decent. The match went back and forth for about 15 or so minutes. Alot of close falls too, there was a botched spot in the match though where JBL went to do a fall away slam on Eddie and he was clearly too close to the ropes, Eddie ended up sliding into the ropes and managed to just stay inside the ring. Match looked like it was heading for a draw after Eddie excuted the three amigos followed by a frog splash but was too wounded to make a cover with the ref down. JBL was up first and tried to apply some of Eddie's cheating traits, he tried to hit Eddie with the belt which was reversed by Eddie hitting JBL with the belt, crowd ate it up big time and poped for Eddie's cheating. Eddie then hits a second frog splash only to have JBL kick out because of a slow referee count. Both men slowly get up, JBL grabs the belt and hits Eddie with it, referee is up and counts three. Eddie stayed back and thanked all the fans which was really nice.
Winner: JBL

John Cena& Rob Van Dam Vs Booker T& Rene Dupree

For me this was by far match of the night. Cena& RVD got great pops but Booker& Dupree had mixed reactions, girls cheered for Dupree. We started a 'Dupree' chant, it didn't work, this crowd was defintely typical WWE fans. However, fans did pop for Dupree when he did the french tickler. Cena worked the crowd very well, he borrowd a foam 'you can't see me' hand and wrestled with it during the first few spots of the match, even used to it to give the bird to Booker T. RVD was down early and punished in turns by Booker T and Rene Dupree, sadly no Spin-A-Rooni. Cena finally got the tag and cleaned house, in the end it Cena was left in the ring with Booker. Booker had originally cheated to win by having his legs on the ropes but Theordore came out and explained how this was the people's Smackdown and ordered the match to continue. The match lasted like an extra minute with Cena giving Booker the F-U and RVD giving Dupree the 5 Star Frog Splash, both men got the pin. Cena did a rap after the match which featured RVD. RVD must have done his 'Rob...Van...Dam' taunt at least half a dozen times during the time he was out, crowd at it up every single time. It was a fun match and lots of great spots, RVD gets some major hangtime when he leaps.

Winners: John Cena& Rob Van Dam

'Miss Smackdown' contest, Torrie Wilson, Dawn Marie, Miss Jackie

Hiroko came and interupted the match and told the crowd 'Me Love You Long Time'. She striped...nice body too. However Torrie revealed she had filled herself up with toilet paper I believe and she ran away. This match was way rigged. Loudest reaction by far was Miss Jackie followed by Dawn Marie, Torrie's reactions were ok but no were near as loud as Jackie& Dawn's but guess what? Torrie still won. Billy Gunn came out and greeted them at the top of the ramp and took escorted them to the back.

Winner: Torrie Wilson

Undertaker Vs Kurt Angle w/ Luther Reigns

All the WWE marks were waiting for Taker. Like Dupree& Booker, Angle got an mixed reaction too but soon after the 'You Suck' chants kicked in. I have to say this, Taker can still go and you can compare this match and some of the undercard matches and see the clear distinction between the main eventers. The spots were crisp and nothing was ever miss-timed, if so, it was very minimal. Of course Taker won because the show is named after him. The match went back and fourth with Angle countering attempts of old school, chokeslam and tombstone. He gave Taker the Angle lock on two seperate occasions which he made the ropes both times. Angle than hits with an Angle Slam which was no sold by Taker. No Germans in the match at all though. Both throw punches back and fourth before clotheslining each other, Taker was up first and went old school and then put in a Dragon Sleeper. Angle made it to the ropes, Luther than distracts the ref enabling Angle to get the advantage, Taker no-sold when Angle through him over the rope and when Luther stiff clotheslined him. Taker gets back into the ring and sets Angle up for the chokeslam, Angle kicks out after a close call. Taker hits the Tombstone for the 3 count. Luther gets a chokeslam for his efforts after the match.

Winner: Undertaker
Side Notes
The show wasn't sold out, just under the 10,000 capcity were sold but the atmosphere was pretty awesome. I dare say about 95% of the crowd were typical new commercial WWE fans. We found it somewhat amusing that some of those fans actually thought these gimmicks were real comments like 'Dupree actually lives in France', 'Taker can't get hurt because he's actually dead', 'JBL is probably the richest guy in the WWE right now' were some of the stuff people around us were saying, now these people weren't just little high school kids either.

Worst things was that people could not bring backpacks bigger than the size of an A4 paper, cameras with large zooms were not allowed, neither were cam corders. Alot of people got mad about that and rightfully so, its a pain in the ass having to go to the back of the line because you are forced to use a locker to put your bag in. The girl in front of me, who was really fine somehow snuck in this real professional camera with some largeass zoom, anyways she got caught and was kicked out by secruity as a result. Bullshit, huh? People who got kicked out for having a good professional camera were made to take blank pictures to finish off the film so the security can destroy the.

I had a great time and will defintely be one of the best nights of my life. Of course it will be no match to the RAW tour last year but I still had a great time.

Biggest Pops

1. Undertaker
2. Eddie Guerrero
3. John Cena
4. Rob Van Dam
5. Eddie Guerrero

Most Heat

1. JBL
2. Bubba Ray Dudley
3. Kurt Angle
4. Rene Dupree
5. Kenzo Suzuki

Matches Of The Night

1. Cena/RVD Vs Booker/Dupree
2. JBL Vs Eddie
3. Undertaker Vs Angle
4. London/Kidman/Rey Vs Dudleyz