WWE House Show Results (8/28/04) - Salt Lake City, Utah

Report by: James Gentry, rajah.com reader

Hey Rajah,
The E-Center (where the event was held) was not very full, but was fuller than the
last house show I went to (the SD! brand Show a couple years back)

First match saw Christian and Tomko vs. Eugene and William Regal.
Christian and Tomko came out to HUGE heat, tons of Christian sucks chants, Christian
grabbed the mic and cut a promo saying
"I can't believe that you fans want Eugene! I knew Utah was full of Mormons, not
Morons!" Eugene came out to one of the biggest pops of the night Eugene played the
face in peril for most of the match, tagging Regal in for the win.
Winner: Eugene and William Regal

Second match was Simon Dean vs. Rodney Mack.
Biggest pop here was for Jazz who came down to the ring with Mack. Dean cut a promo
and got some heat, but the crowd really didn't care to much. Match was actually
rather good, but the crowd just didn't care. Mack wins here.
Winner: Rodney Mack

Maven vs. Chuck Palumbo was third, Palumbo got a little bit of heat, and Maven got a
little pop. Maven wins this one only to be attacked by Palumbo after the match, and
THAT got some heat for him.
Winner: Maven

Coach came out and announced a few matches and started running down Randy Orton
until the champion came out, to a good pop, and to get RKO'ed.

the fourth match was a Triple threat match, Victoria vs. Molly Holly vs. Trish.
special guest Ref, Val Venis
Trish got the best pop here, but all the girls got a good pop. Match started as the
two heels attacking Victoria but while Molly was playing to the crowd after a double
suplex, Trish went for the pin, which started a bit of a three way, Victoria hit the
Widow's Peak on Molly, the Trish hit the Stratusfear on Victoria, and pinned Molly
to retain. After the match, Val was trying to rub Molly's shoulder, much to her
chagrin. Trish was attacking Victoria until Steven Richards ran down in drag of
Winner: Trish

Fifth Match was Chris Benoit vs. Batista.
Batista came out first to mild heat, but Benoit got the pop of the night, and the
crowd was fully behind him, constantly breaking into Benoit chants. The end came as
Batista tried to hit the Batista bomb, but Benoit countered it into the cross face,
and Batista tapped. After the match, Benoit got the mic, and said
"hey Batista, if you didn't like those Benoit chants, I have one for you; You Tapped
Winner: Chris Benoit

sixth match was Shelton Benjamin vs. Kane
Kane came out to a good pop, while Shelton kind of got popped. Right before the
match got underway, a HUGE "LITA" chant erupted, and Kane was kind of smiling and
laughing. Kane won here with a Choke Slam, which got a good pop too.
Winner: Kane

7th Match was tag Team Title match, Rhyjiri vs. La Resistance.
Neither team got much of a crowd reaction. Tajiri was laid out by Rob and Rene
before the match, so it was mostly a handicap match, which La Resistance won with
their finisher.
Winner: La Resistance

8th Match, I.C. Title, Jericho vs. Edge.
Big pops for both guys here, big story is that Edge was injured after Jericho
lowered the top rope as he was charging, couldn't see it from my vantage point, but
the ref started counting Edge out, Jericho went to the outside, and a trainer ran in
from the back. Jericho then came back in, and Edge was counted out. They brought
out the stretcher but Edge walked out with help
Winner by Count Out: Jericho

Main Event: HHH vs. RKO
HHH came out first to a huge pop, RKO to a slightly smaller one. Crowd was mostly
for HHH here, even though a small RKO chant broke out. RKO won with the RKO, after
Batista ran down.
Winner: RKO

Pops of the Night
!. Chris Benoit
2. HHH
3. Lita (who was not here!)
4. RKO
5. Eugene

Heat of the Night
1. Christian
2. Coach
3. Chuck Palumbo (after attacking Maven)
4. La Resistance
5. Tomko

Overall it was a good show, minus the two dead matches, and Edge's injury For such
a small crowd, we were really hot!