WWE RAW Report (08/30/04) - San Francisco, California

Evolution Interview
-We start off RAW with the three remaining members of Evolution heading down to the ring. Triple H starts of stating that he made Evolution. Mentions that he gave Ric Flair the lift he needed to be the Nature Boy again and that he provided Batista with direction. Triple H says that he hand picked Orton to take over for him when he was done but he's not done. Trips then states that he made Orton and he'll break him. Hunter then calls him out and Orton comes out to a new theme and new titantron video. Orton then says that Triple H got a lot out of Evolution. He then states that Evolution was only there to protect him. Trips responds that Evolution protected him as well and that he's only champ because of Evolution. Orton then points that he won at Summerslam without any help for Evolution. Orton says that he learned a lot from Triple H and that he did what he has wanted to do for a while and that was to spit in Triple H's face. Orton then says that he's not going to wait till Unforgiven, he's going to fight him right now. He then tells Evolution that he brought a friend of his own and pulls out a sledgehammer. Orton heads to the ring and Evolution bails out. Orton runs down Triple H who runs off through the crowd.

-We're shown that later tonight, Batista goes against Regal, Flair fights Benoit and Triple H takes on Eugene in a No DQ match.

-Back from Commercial, we see Bischoff scolding Orton for what he did earlier. Bischoff then kicks Orton out of the building and he's escorted out by security. Bischoff tells Orton to leave the sledgehammer with him. Orton then drops the sledgehammer on Bischoff's fought before leaving.

Rhyno & Tajiri vs. La Resistance & The Coach - Handicap Match
-Rhyno and Tajiri come out first, but are attacked before they could enter the ring. Tajiri is taken out before the match starts which leaves Rhyno to fight by himself. Rhyno hits the Coach with the gore, but La Resistance catches him and hits the Au Revoir.
Winners: La Resistance & The Coach

-Back from Commercial, they show highlights from last week's "Wedding From Hell." Kane is shown backstage and tells someone in a room to wait until he tells them to come out as he wants this surprise for his wife to be one that she never forgets.

-Regal is shown getting ready for his match when Eugene comes out to him and thanks him for taking him out last night. Regal then tells Eugene that he should prepare for his match and that Eugene should stay in the back when he fights Batista. He also lets Eugene now that Triple H will try and take him out tonight because his uncle Eric doesn't want him on RAW anymore.

Batista vs. William Regal
-As we come back from commercial, Batista is on his way out. Batista over powers Regal early and takes control of the match. Regal counters a full nelson attempt by Batista and gains control. Regal then hits Batista with a modified powerslam and running knee to the temple. Batista then counters an irish whip attempt into a spinebuster. Batista then heads to the outside and tries to bring a chair into the match. The ref stops Batista, but while he is distracted, Flair comes out with some brass knucks and hits Regal in the mid section. Batista then nails a huge clothesline to get the win.
WINNER: Batista

-We then cut to Ivory at the Republican National convention with Linda McMahon and Shawn Michaels. They both encourage the 18-35 year olds to vote.

-Stacy Keibler comes out after the commercial to MC the diva contest. Stacy then announces that Maria is the next one eliminated. She flips Carmella the double bird before she leaves. Stacy then says the next challenge is for each diva to diss each other. We got some serious trash talking as Christy, Joy and Amy call Carmella a slut and pretty much keep the disses to each other at a minimal. Stacy then gives out all the numbers to vote for each Diva.

-Kane is shown the back pulling Lita out of room and tells her that his surprise will be better then their honeymoon. As they're coming to the ring, Trish and Tomko are standing in their lockerroom. Trish then tells Tomko that they're like a real married couple and that Kane's already taking out the trash. Kane the approaches the two and looks like he's not very pleased. He begans to laugh and tells Trish that that was a good one and leaves.

Kane's Surprise
-Mr and Mrs Kane come out after the commercial break. Kane tells Lita that out of all his property, she's his favorite. He then thanks all the people that sent him gifts. He thanks Bischoff for giving him an open contract for Unforgiven to face anyone he wants. He also thanks Lita for providing a womb for his child. He then tells Lita the he knows she misses Matt Hardy and since he's in a hospital, he has flown in the Hardy family. Four men come out and are announced as the Hardy family. Kane then proceeds to beat them up all and gets the pin on one of the Hardys. Lita then tells Kane that although she's his property, he's also hers. That since they're married they have joint property now and that the present Bischoff gave was to both of them. She tells Kane that she already filled out the name of his oppenent. Kane thinks Lita put the name Matt Hardy and reminds Lita that he sent Hardy to hell. Lita tells Kane that she knows that and the name she wrote down on the contract was Shawn Michaels.

Ric Flair vs. Chris Benoit
-Flair comes out first to course of wooos. Chris Benoit comes out and requests that the ref check Flair for brass knucks. The ref finds some and Flair goes nuts. Benoit then approaches Flair and tells him that this match will be one-on-one. Benoit takes control off the bat with a few chops and back drop. Benoit quickly straps on the crossface, but Flair was too close to the ropes. Benoit maintains control until Flair nails a chalk block to the back of Benoit's left knee. Benoit one battles back, but misses a flying headbutt. Flair attempts a belly to back suplex, but Benoit flips over and hits three german suplexes. Benoit then applies the sharpshooter. Flair comes close to tapping, but Batista runs in to make the save. Batista hits Benoit with the Batista Bomb.
WINNER by DQ: Chris Benoit

The Highlight Reel
-Jericho starts off asking the question whether what happened last week was an accident or if it was intentional. Jericho the challenges Edge to a rematch for Unforgiven. Edge then comes out on crutches and gingerly gets in the ring. Edge then tells Jericho that he knew he had torn his groin over the weekend and that his request was planned. Edge then reminds Jericho that he pinned him at Summerslam. Jericho brings up the fact that Edge got booed in his hometown. Edge then tells Jericho that he can win the popularity contest, but he'll keep winning the matches. Jericho then questions if Edge is really hurt or not. Edge tells Jericho that he doesn't know if he's hurt or not, but when he does heal up, Jericho will be the first to get a title shot. The two shake hands and Edge leaves the ring. Christian then comes from behind and attacks Jericho. Christian then proceeds to whip Jericho with his leather belt. Christian then nails Jericho with one of the Highlight Reel chairs. He then looks up the ramp where Edge is standing watching the whole thing and flashes a grin. Edge looks puzzled as we cut to commercial.

Trish Stratus & Gail Kim vs. Victoria & Nidia
-Trish and Gail come out first along with Tyson Tomko. JR and King announce that Victoria will face Trish for the Women's title at Unforgiven. Trish starts off the match against Nidia and quickly takes control. Trish makes the quick tag to Gail who continues to work over Nidia. Nidia pulls off an odd move on both Gail and Trish and makes the tag to Victoria. Victoria gets the hot tag and dominates both of them. Victoria goes for the Widow's Peak, but Gail counters and puts Victoria in a modified Sharpshooter. The mystery "woman" then comes out and distracts Gail allowing Victoria to roll her up for the win.
WINNERS: Victoria & Nidia

-Bischoff is shown in the back with his foot in the bucket of ice. Bischoff then announces that next week it will be Randy Orton vs. Kane.

Triple H vs. Eugene - No DQ
-Match starts off with Triple attacking Eugene while he had his back turned. Triple H takes advantage of the no DQ stipulation by kneeing Eugene in the groin. Trips takes Eugene to the outside whips him into the steel steps. Hunter continues to dominate until Eugene does his own version of hulking up. Eugene hits the rock bottom and attempts the stunner, but Triple H counters into a sleeper hold. Eugene is knocked out, but before his hand could drop for the third time, Trips lets go. He then hits Eugene with the Pedigree, but does not go for the pin. Triple H climbs to the outside and grabs a sledgehammer, but before he could bring it in, Orton comes back and takes the sledgehammer from Triple H. He then hits Triple in the mid section with it and nails Triple H with the RKO. Evolution the comes out but Orton keeps them out of the ring with the sledgehammer. Orton the puts Eugene on top of Triple H for the 3 count as he Evolution watches from the outside.
WINNER: Eugene