WWE House Show Results (8/29/04) - Stockton, California

Report by: Agent Smith, rajah.com reader

WWE RAW House Show Results
Spanos Center, University of the Pacific
Stockton, CA

The Spanos Center is about two-thirds full for this event, maybe 900-1000 people. A
very minimal set, with just the ring and a regular fence for a barricade. Not even
a timekeeper's table in sight, but still better than anything I ever saw in Hawaii.
I knew I moved here for a reason. My friend and I park ourselves in the third row
and try to ignore the eardrum-shattering screams of little kids heard all throughout
the night.

Match 1
William Regal & Eugene d. Tyson Tomko & Christian

Insane heat for Tomko & Christian to start off the show. Christian lambastes
Stockton for being filled with stupid people (luckily I just got here and am not
technically a California resident yet). Likewise, huge pop for Regal & Eugene.
Eugene takes the Road Dogg style beating throughout the majority of the match, with
side headlock upon side headlock applied until Eugene can hit the Rock Bottom and
make the hot tag to Regal. Regal clears house and gets the pin with a shoulderblock.

Match 2
val Venis d. Rodney Mack w/ Jazz

Venis makes some remark likening his member to quick-dry cement or something. I
prefer not to dwell on it. Lots of punching and brawling highlighted by a few
suplexes. Venis attempts the Money Shot, but is crotched on the top rope by Jazz.
Mack tries to capitalize with a superplex, only to be shoved back down and hit with
said Money Shot for the win. Post-match, Mack and Jazz have a bit of a shoving
match before embracing. Some basketball player guy in front of me snatches Venis'
towel before I can get my grubby mitts on it. Actually, given where it's been,
maybe it's just as well.

Coach Segment
The Coach (introduced as the most handsome, charismatic superstar ever) makes his
way to the ring, and hypes a few matches that he supposedly made since Bischoff
wasn't there. Nevermind they've been posted on wwe.com this whole time. He then
launches into Randy Orton, chastising him for turning his back on Evolution and
promising that Triple H will take back the title tonight. Orton makes his way out,
taking offense at Coach's claims of being more handsome and charismatic than he.
Coach then takes an RKO, much to the delight of the crowd.

Match 3
Women's Championship Match
Trish Stratus d. Molly Holly, Victoria

Molly out first, followed by Victoria and then Trish. Trish yells at me to sit back
down after taking her picture. Yes, I definitely moved here for a reason. Very
short match, consisting mainly of Trish and Molly double teaming Victoria with hair
beals galore. Trish tries to sneak the pin on Victoria, only to have Molly break it
up and start lacing into her. Victoria hits the double clothesline and the Widow's
Peak on Molly. Trish then takes out Victoria and picks up the pin on Molly.
Post-match, some mystery guy in drag, oh wait I mean Stevie Richards, helps Victoria
up much to her confusion.

Match 4
Maven & Shelton Benjamin d. Simon Dean & Chuck Palumbo

Dean starts things off by encouraging the Stockton crowd to stand up and do some
squats with him. He continues this throughout the match, doing sit-ups, crunches,
and more squats at seemingly random intervals. Big ups to Palumbo, who wrestled in
slacks and red Converse All-Stars. Maven takes the beating for the majority of the
match, with his main bout of offense consisting of his Maven Dropkick. Classic heel
maneuvers by Dean & Palumbo keep Maven isolated, until he is finally able to tag in
Benjamin, who clears house and pick up the pin on Dean with his Shelton Superkick.

Match 5
Chris Benoit d. Batista

So much for my hopes of seeing Ric Flair anytime soon, as Batista makes his way to
the ring solo. Great pop for Benoit, who starts off the match with the Crippler
Crossface. Batista quickly scampers to the ropes, and the match continues with
Batista unable to get in more than a few moves before Benoit cuts him off. Benoit
attempts the Sharpshooter at several points during the match, but is shoved off each
time. Eventually, Benoit chains two German suplexes, before Batista counters and
forces Benoit to the Crossface in lieu of a third. Batista powers out, and appears
to be ready to mount a comeback until Benoit sends him for an additional three
Germans. Benoit's flying headbutt meets nothing but canvas, but Benoit is able to
reverse the sit-out powerbomb attempt into the Crossface for the submission victory.

Match 6
World Tag Team Title Match
La Resistance d. Rhyno & Tajiri

A good amount of heat for La Resistance just by their mere presence. Grenier's grab
for the microphone is interrupted by Rhyno's music, and the funniest quip of the
evening ensues when he replies with "but I didn't even get to sing!" La Resistance
dismantles Tajiri on the outside before the match even starts. Rhyno is quick to
follow, as the champions pick him apart by the book and get the pinfall inside of
two minutes. Post-match, Tajiri sells the beatdown for a good couple of minutes
before helped to the back.

Match 7
Chris Jericho d. Kane

Kane is out first, and impresses upon us how Lita is now not just his wife, but his
property. He will make her act how he wants her to act, think how he wants her to
think, etc. Jericho's music hits, and Kane gets that look on his face that he
always gets whenever he's interrupted by somebody's music. Jericho delivers the
"will you please shut the hell up" line, followed with a claim that since Kane made
Lita his property, Jericho will proceed to make Kane his bitch. Them's fightin'
words. Kane takes off a turnbuckle cover early on, but is unable to capitalize.
Both hit their usual spots, including Jericho's missile dropkick and Kane's boot to
the face. Kane's boot came loose again during the match. You know, the flap on his
shin. I swear, he must like it that way, or else wouldn't he have gotten some
stay-put boots by now? Anyway, Jericho counters the flying clothesline with a
standing dropkick, and after repeated attempts at locking in the Walls of Jericho,
he is able to pick up the victory with a catapult into the exposed turnbuckle.
After the bell, Kane rages, hitting the chokeslam on Jericho and walking to the back
smiling all the way.

Match 8
World Heavyweight Championship Match
Randy Orton d. Triple H

Referee Earl Hebner is out to officiate this one. My friend is elated at the sight
of someone he recognizes. Orton is using the Evolution music, and was the only one
to do so all night. I guess they're letting him keep it? Triple H injures Orton's
leg early on by wrapping it around the ring post, and works on it seemingly forever.
This culminates in a figure-four leglock by Triple H, which lasted for a solid
minute or so before Orton is able to turn it over. Hebner breaks up the hold, and
Triple H stops Orton's momentum short with a sleeper. Hebner checks the arm once,
twice, and oh my goodness Orton's back up. Whew, thought the title might be in
trouble there. Triple H attempts a clothesline, only to be caught in a sleeper of
Orton's. More offense from the champion follows, with Triple H stealing Flair's
get-hit-but-don't-fall-down-right-away spot. I guess I didn't have to wait that
long to see Flair, since Trips is using all of his shtick anyway. An attempt to
regain the offense by Triple H leads to Hebner getting knocked into next Tuesday,
which prompts the run-in by Batista. Batista introduces the title belt to the ring,
but is cut short by Orton. Orton appears to have Batista under control until he
receives a huge spinebuster. Hebner wakes up just as Triple H drapes an arm over
Orton, and the crowd goes nuts as Orton kicks out at two and nine tenths. Triple H
then picks Orton up and hooks him for the Pedigree, but is reversed into the RKO for
the pin.

All in all, a very solid show, but then again what do I know? This is the first one
of these things I've been to. It could have been absolutely terrible, and I
wouldn't have known the difference.

Biggest Pops:

Biggest Heat:
La Resistance