WWE House Show Results (9/4/04) - Beaumont, Texas

Report by: heath nequent, rajah.com reader

What's up Rajah. I just came back from the raw house show here in my home town of
Beaumont Texas and wow what a show. The arena was about half full I guess. The
show started off with Harvey coming out and talking to the crowd about tonights
events. In the middle of his second or third sentence we heard WOOOOOOO! The
Nature Boy came down to the ring to cut a quick promo spot and gain some good heat
for the night. He talked about how him and Evoloution were on their Leer Jet and
when they landed they thought they were in Houston. He said they were "pissed off"
when they found out that they had to go to Beaumont. He said that every state has
those trashy gutter citys and Beaumont was the #1 trash city in the state of Texas.
Man Rick Flair is awsome to watch at house shows where he has more freedom to be
himself. He left the ring and as he walked down the isle we hear Val Venis's music
hit. Val actually got a really big pop. Flair and Venus stair each other down in
the isle and then Val made his way to the ring.
Val's opponent for the night was Chuck Palumbo. I don't know why in God's name
Palumbo has a job but at least we don't have to see him on TV. Val carried the
match as Palumbo missed a few spots and didn't sell hardly anything he did. Val won
with a swinging neck breaker. After the match Palumbo attacked Val and left him in
the ring. This match was a 5-10. Pretty boring.

After the match The Coach came out. He said that Eric Bischoff had given him
controll for the night and that he was going to make some matches. He said that he
didn't want to wait for vengence and that Randy Orton and HHH would wrestle for the
belt tonight. He then announced that there would be some Diva action as well. He
called for Molly Holly to come to the ring and also Stacy Keibler (stacy is worth
the price of a ticket ANY day). When Stacy and Molly got to the ring coach said
there was going to be a good ol down and dirty dance off. Molly started the dance
off with some ballet moves and some funny looking turns and jumps. Then came
Stacy's turn. Stacy did some really hot dirty dancing and of course won the match.
When Coach announced her the winner Molly hit her from behind and they began to
fight. Then Victoria came to the ring to jump on Molly. Trish Stratus came to the
ring to jump Vicoria. Nidia came to the ring to get on Stratus. Then Gail Kim came
in to get on Nidia. It turned into one big cat fight. Nidia cleaned house and all
the "bad girls" were thrown out of the ring. Coach stopped them on their way to the
back and said that now there is a 3 way tag. This was a very good match with all of
the women hitting their finishers. Vicoria hit the widow's peak and tagged Stacey
for the pin. This match was a 7-10. It was very fast pased with a lot of good

The next match was probably the best match of the night. Rick Flair comes to the
ring ready for business and starts talking smack to the crowd again. Rick is a
genious on the mic. Flair said that because he is in Beaumont he know 3 things. 1.
nobody in town can kick his ass. 2. There isn't a woman in town that is worthy of
Space Mountin. and 3. That with all the Mexicans here we need to close the borders.
He was really getting everyone worked up. I was laughing so hard I was crying.
His opponent was Maven. Rick talks some smack to Maven about how all the women here
are wanting a ride on Space Mountain. He pointed to a girl in the audiance and said
"Hey Maven you see that girl right there? She wants a piece of the Nature Boy."
Then this girl on the front row stood up and started yelling stuff at Rick and he
told her she needed to go to Wal-Mart and get a better training braw. Her friend
was yelling stuff to and he told her to sit her fat ass down before he came out
there. Man Flair is halarious. Anyway the match finally started and Flair and
Maven went back and fourth. Maven put flair into the figure 4 about 5 min into the
match. Flair made it to the ropes. The two went back and fourth and actually
worked really really good together. I think that this is a match that they need to
put on TV. Maven has come a long way since Tough Enough. Anyway Flair put Maven in
the figure 4 and Maven finally reversed it. Flair broke the hold and while Maven
was laid out Flair went for the move off the top rope that hasn't worked in like 20
years. Maven caught him at the top and slammed him. Maven pouned Flair waith some
punches and chops and a few drop kicks. Flair tried to crawl out of the ring on all
fours and Maven caught him by the tights and pulled down his pants. That's right
folks I saw The Nature Boys ass.
It was by far one of the funniest things I have seen in wrestling. Flair's ass was
brighter than the lights above the ring. Hey Natche they have theses things called
tanning beds so you don't have that problem. Maven got a drop kick off the top but
Flair rolled threw him and put him in a pin. Flair put his feet on the turn buckle
and got the win. This match was a 10-10. I would pay to see that one again.

The next match was a 3 way tag elimination meaning once a team is pinned they are
out. It was Christian and Tomko vs. Eugene and Regal vs. La Resistance. Eugene
came out to probably the biggest pop of the night. La Resistance came out to the
biggest heat of the night. The match started with Regal and one of the La
Resistance members (I don't care to remember their names). The match was really
good. Eugene and Christian wrestled for most of the match. They actually worked
really good off of one anouther. Christian is a really good in ring actor. Tomko
is the biggest waste of a power house that has come along in a while. His size is
the only thing he has going for him. Tomko got pinned by Eugene after Eugene hit
him with the People's Elbow. Resistance was quick back into the ring to try and
double team Eugene. They got Eugene down and Regal came in for the save. Eugene
got thrown from the ring and Regal was left to take the punishment. La Resistance
gets the win over Regal. After the match there were alot of USA chants. La
Resistance left the ring. Eugene went all around the arena shaking hands and
hugging people. He came right in front of us and ate some of this kids popcorn. It
is very obvious why Eugene is a crowd favorite. He took time to see as many fans as
possible. This match was a 8-10 with Eugene and Christain carrying the match.

Kane vs. Shelton Benjamin. Lita came to the ring and cut a promo about Vengence.
She said that she was Kane's property but he was hers as well. She said that Kane
would be facing HBK at Vengence because of her. Kane came out and started yelling at
her and pushing her around. Shelton Benjamin then ran to the ring and mounted a
good offense on The Machine. Kane put him up for the choke slam and Shelton
reversed it. The two worked good together going back and forth for a while.
Shelton hit some cool high flying moves and Kane did the usually big man moves.
Kane finally got Shelton up in the choke slam again and drove him to the mat for the
1-2-3. This match was a 6 or 7-10. On a side note I think Shelton Benjamin is one
of the best talents in the WWE. I don't know who he pissed off but I loved watching
him take on HHH and Evoulution. It was like one week he was getting this huge push
and then poof he was gone.

Chris Beniot vs. Batista. Batista got some really good heat as he came out. You
know you really cant apreciat how huge this guy is untill you see him upclose.
Benoit came out to a really big pop. Everyone was chanting his name and it pissed
Batista off. Benoit grabbed the mic and said "Hey Batista you don't like the Benoit
chants well how about this one. TAP OUT TAP OUT" Which erupted in the biggest
chant section of the night. Batista and Benoit worked really good together and I
can see why Benoit was the champion. Batista got out of the cross face twice. Once
by getting to the ropes and the other by standing up and powering out. Batista hit
some big moves. Benoit had Batista down and went for the flying headbutt. When he
came off the ropes the dark room lit up with flash boulbs. Batista rolled out of
the way. Benoit hit hard and Batista took advantige. Batista picked him up to put
him in the Batista bomb and Benoit countered out for the Cross Face and the tap out.
The match was a good solid 8-10.

And now the main event. Randy Orton vs. Triple Ass Bag oh I mean HHH. Hunter came
out with tape on his ribs. When he went for his token stand on the ring and spit
the water thing he acted like the ribs really hurt him. Orton then came out to one
of the biggest pops of the night. He grabbed the mic and asked HHH if his ribs
still hurt from the sledge hammer shot he took. Orton then told him "nice tape
job". HHH got in the ring and the two went back and forth. I have to say I was
very disapointed in this match. HHH worked on Orton's leg for half the match. He
put him in the figure 4 but Orton reversed it. HHH put Orton in a sleeper and
brought him to the floor. After the typical "Hulk UP" on the third drop of the hand
routine, Orton fought out of the sleeper and put HHH in one of his own. HHH broke
the sleeper and the two exchanged blows. The highlight came when HHH knocked out
the ref with an accidental punch. Of course with the ref out here comes Evolution.
Orton took them out one at a time starting with Batista. Flair got knocked out of
the ring. HHH put Orton in the Pedigree but Orton did a back body drop and
countered it. HHH got up and Orton was waiting for him with a nice RKO. This match
was a 6-10. And would have been a complete flop if it wouldn't have been for the
Evouloution run in at the end. After the match Orton made some comments about all
the women in the crowd needed to come find him later on tonight because he would be
out and about and looking for some action. He then pointed to this girl in the
front and told her that he didn't care if her man was with her or not. He said when
you are rollin with the World Champ everyone wants a ride.

I think this was the best house show that I have been to so far. The wrestlers were
really good with the crowd and with the exception of Palumbo did a great job. Heck
even Triple Ass Bag oh I mean HHH, man I keep doing that, put on a good show.