WWE House Show Results (9/5/04) - Dallas, Texas

From BigZ_LegendKiller, rajah.com reader

What's Up Raj? Got back from the Dallas RAW House show
about an hour ago, not a bad show, coming in at
exactly 2 hours and 45 minutes. I think you could
safely say the arena was at least 1/2 full, so
probably a minimum of 8,500 people there, but it was a
live crowd with a lot of energy for this show.

Ric Flair started the show with a promo cutting down
Dallas. I think he did this to gain alot of heel heat,
as chances were he would've gotten a face reaction due
to him signing books at a book store earlier in the
day. He couldn't have been a more classier guy.
Anyways, makes fun of the women and the Cowboys and
says he will find a real man to fight later in the

Match 1- Maven vs. Chuck Palumbo

Maven got a very nice reaction, Palumbo decent heat.
Palumbo dominates all match until a rollup by Maven
gets the quick 1-2-3. Then Palumbo gets a beatdown
from behind after the bell and hits a fallaway slam
into a Samoan Drop to lay out Maven.

Winner- Maven

Match 2- Stacy vs. Molly, DanceOff

The Coach Comes out now and intros Molly and Stacy for
a danceoff. Molly does some type of ballet thingy and
gets a chorus of boos. Stacy then gets a more sexy
song played and did a very nice dance that got a big
chorus of cheers. Obviously Stacy won. Then Molly hit
her from behind which caused Victoria to come out.
Which then caused Gail Kim to come out, which then
caused Nidia to come out, which then finally caused
Trish Stratus to come out. Finally Bischoff comes out
and straightens things out by making a 6woman tag.

Winner- Stacy

Match 3- Stacy/Victoria/Nidia vs. Trish/Gail Kim/Molly

I can't remember all that happened in this match as it
was relatively short. I know Tyson Tomko came out to
trip Victoria, then Steven Richards in drag came out
to beat on Tomko and in the process, Victoria hit the
Widow's Peak on Molly for the 1-2-3. Afterwards, Nidia
and Stacy did Victoria's little jiggle dance before
Victoria showed them how it was correctly done.

Winners- Nidia/Victoria/Stacy

Match 4- Ric Flair vs. Shelton Benjamin

Flair gets a good ovation despite his promo attempts
earlier in the show. No one remembered Shelton's music
until Finkel announced him. Then he got a nice pop.
Pretty funny match with the highlight being Shelton
desperately trying to get a sunset flip and pulling
down Flair's tights and holding them down for what
seemed like minutes. The crowd went nuts. Both men
traded Figure 4's, but Flair got the win with a rollup
and the feet on the ropes.

Winner- Ric Flair

Match 5- Chris Benoit vs. Batista

Edge was originally supposed to defend the IC title
against Batista, but that was obviously changed. I
thought they'd substitute Edge w/Jericho, but Benoit
was nice nonetheless. Big pop for Benoit. Benoit tried
the Crossface about 4 times before finally getting it
hooked for the tap out victory. It was a back and
forth match though. Benoit afterwards starts a "You
Tapped Out" chant for Batista

Winner- Chris Benoit

10 Minute Intermission

Match 6- 3 Way Elimination Tag Title Match, La
Resistance vs. Christain/Tomko vs. Regal/Eugene

Huge pop for Eugene and Regal, huge heat for La
Resistance. Christain/Tomko were just there. Regal and
Eugene double-team Tomko to eliminate that team.
Eugene was extremely comical in this match, garnering
alot of pops throughout the match. A Rock Bottom by
Eugene, The People's Elbow was blocked and now
attempts at a Stunner. The ending came when Rob Conway
gets a handful of tights and rolls up Eugene for the

Winners- And Still WWE Tag Team Champions, La

Match 7- KANE vs. Shawn "HBK" Michaels

Finkel introduces Lita, who comes out and talks about
being KANE's property. She states exactly what she
said on RAW about joint property and naming Shawn
Michaels as his opponent at Unforgiven. KANE comes out
and tries to scare Lita, but she's not intimidated,
because his Unforgiven opponent is here and he's gonna
fight him. HBK's music hits and the loudest pop of the
night by far is heard as HBK sprints to the ring and
starts beating down KANE. Back and forth match. HBK
likes to spit when he gets hit though, he hit the
turnbuckle stomach first and sent a lugie about 4 rows
back. It was funny stuff. HBK reverses a chokeslam
into Sweet Chin Music for the win. Afterwards he
salutes the crowd for their support as he gets an even
bigger pop.

Winner- HBK Shawn Michaels

Match 8- Main Event- Randy Orton vs. HHH

The main event, whether Benoit or HHH was promoted
against Orton, was always billed as a Texas Death
Match. But for some reason it just became a regular
match. Bischoff comes out before hand talking about
how his "research" has shown that Dallas has a lot of
Randy Orton fan. Now I may be the biggest Orton fan in
Dallas, but I was pretty much alone, as that crowd was
about 65/45 in favor of HHH. Anyways, he says that HHH
wanted to get his title back in Dallas. So HHH comes
out, followed by Orton. Orton works on the ribs that
HHH was selling from RAW with the Sledgehammer. HHH
then really works over the knee of Orton. HHH ends up
knocking out the ref, which led to Evolution coming
out. Orton decks Flair, but gets a spinebuster from
Batista. Only a close 2-count. Orton then ends up
reversing a Pedigree into an RKO for the 1-2-3. Show
ends with Orton telling Evolution that "they learned a
very valuable lesson...Payback's A B!tch!" And with
that, show over.

Winner- Randy Orton

Biggest Pops
1. HBK Shawn Michaels
2. Eugene
3. Stacy Keibler

Biggest Heat
1. La Resistance
3. Flair's Promo at the beginning of the show