WWE Sunday Night Heat Report (9/5/04) - Taped in San Francisco, California

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[b]--WWE HEAT--[/b]
[b]San Francisco, California[/b]

Report by: Ryan "TML" Pacheco, rajah.com reader

- The pyro goes off and Al Snow and Jonathan Coachman welcome us to HEAT on
Sunday Night, reminding us that Unforgiven is only 7 days away.

- Rodney Mack comes out with Jazz to big heat. Rosey comes out next to a big

[b]Rodney Mack vs. Rosey[/b]
They both lock up and Rosey gets out with an elbow. Rosey pushes Mack into
the corner but Mack fights out. Rosey does the superhero taunt which sends
Mack falling backwards. They lock up att he hands but Mack hits kicks to the
midsection and splashes him in the corner. Rosey knocks him down and and
then clotheslines him down for 2. Jazz distracts Rosey and Mack takes down
his leg. Mack grabs his leg but Rosey kicks him off. Rosey hits a
clothesline to the back of the head and then another. Mack hits a kick to
the chest, then goes for a DDT but Rosey backdrops him. Jazz distracts Rosey
again, but it fails. Mack dodges a corner splash and Mack hits a DDT that
Snow calls a "short DDT" that gets the 3 and the win!
[b]Winner : Rodney Mack[/b]

- We then see stuff from the Democratic Convention. The superstars it shows
are Ivory, Shawn Michaels, Mark Henry, Chris Nowinski, The Rock, and Big

- Up next, we will see a recap from RAW when Randy Orton confronts Triple H
when he demands him to come out.


- We come back and Coach and Snow show us the recap of Randy Orton
confronting Triple H at RAW on Monday.

- Coach and Snow remind us that tomorrow night on RAW, Randy Orton will face
Kane, non-title.


- The WWE Rewind is on RAW when Christian returned and attacked Chris
Jericho from behind during the Highlight Reel.

- Lilian Garcia is about to interview Chris Jericho but Steven Richards and
he says that he dresses up like a mystery woman and saves Victoria. Jericho
says he can't be serious and asks him if he is serious. Jericho says reminds
him that Chyna has been here before, she was an odd looking woman. Steven
says this is Stevie Night Heat, and he challenges Jericho to a match tonight
in his ring. Jericho says his breath is horrible, and Jericho says that he
is a sexy beast, and he is goanna change Stevie Night Heat to Sunday Night
Suck. Yeh!

- Maven comes out next to d decnt pop. Already in the ring is some jobber,
but you cannot see his name due to the sponsors thing coming up before his
name bar thing, but Snow lets us know part of his name is TI.

[b]Maven vs. TI (Jobber)[/b]
They trade punches and Snow is calling the jobber TI Babakanouch. TI locks
in a armbar, but then Maven locks in his own soon after. TI hits a knee and
a forearm, Maven gets out of a headlock but Maven gets back up and hits a
big clothesline for 2. TI hits a big right hand and stomps him down and then
chokes him. TI hits a big knee in the corner for 2. TI locks in a headlock
but Maven fights out and hits right hands. Maven hits a big clothesline and
then a dropkick, and then another one. TI fights back but Maven hits a boot.
Maven leaps off the top-rope and hits what Snow calls a "flying spinning
DDT" for the 3 and the win!
Winner : Maven

- We now see a recap from RAW with the Diva Search part with all the insults
and Maria getting eliminated.

- Tonight in the main event, Steven Richards faces Chris Jericho. And up
next, we see a recap from RAW when Triple H fought Eugene.


- We come back and we see the promo-picture for Shawn Michaels vs. Kane at
Unforgiven. We are reminded that "Survival of the Sickest" by Saliva is the
theme of Unforigiven. We also see the promo-picture for the World
Heavyweight Championship, Randy Orton vs. Triple H at Unforgiven.

- We now see a recap from RAW when Eugene beat Triple H after Randy Orton
interfered. And we are once again reminded that Randy Orton will face Kane
in a non-title match tomorrow night on RAW.

- Steven Richards vs. Chris Jericho - is up next.


- The WWE Sting of the Night is on RAW when Chris Benoit had Ric Flair in
the Sharpshooter, but Batista interfered and Batista Bombed Chris Benoit.

- Out comes Chris Jericho to (of course) the biggest pop of the night. Out
comes Steven Richards to the biggest heat of the night.

[b]Chris Jericho vs. Steven Richards[/b]
They lock up but then seperate and Jericho does the juke and jive taunt.
Steie pushes Jericho so Jericho slaps him. Jericho takes Stevie down and
lock in a kind of leglock but Stevie quickly grabs the rope. Jericho chops
Stevie into the corner and then hits a clothesline in the other corner.
Jericho hits a vertical suplex and does a cocky pin for 2. Jericho now
chokes Stevie on the middle rope. Stevie hits a right hand and some chops
and then goes for a sunset flip, but Jericho rolls through and tries locking
in the Walls of Jericho but Stevie grabs the ropes. Stevie is on the apron
and Jericho hits the springboard dropkick sending him to the outside.
We come back and see Stevie stomping on Jericho in the ring. Stevie hits a
neckbreaker and taunts the crowd. Stevie hits an axehandle to the chest for
2. Stevie locks in a laying chokehold. Jericho gets up and hits elbows to
the midsection. Jericho hits a chop but Stevie clotheslines him down. Stevie
picks up Jericho by the hair and sets up for his trademark vertical suplex,
and hits it. Stevie locks in his trademark camel clutch, the Rat Trap.
Jericho's arm falls once, then he fights out of it. Jericho hits an armdrag
to completely escape it. Stevie drop toeholds Jericho into the middle rope.
Stevie tries to mock Jericho's leap onto the person on the middle rope, but
Jericho clotheslines him down. Jericho hits chops and then a big
clothesline. Jericho hits a shoulderblock, Stevie taunts, but Jericho hits
the Flashback for 2. Jericho does the 10 punches in the corner and then
leaps over Stevie in the corner and then Stevie boots him down and pins him
with the ropes for 2. Stevie sets up for the Stevie-T but Jericho escapes it
and hits the enziguri. Jericho does the jump-on-person-on-middle-rope-thing,
then hits a bulldog, and then Stevie puts his knees up for the Lionsault.
Stevie hits the Stevie-T, but Jericho kicks out at 2! Stevie covers again
and gets 2. Stevie leaps off the top-rope but Jericho catches him by the
legs, and locks in the Walls of Jericho and Stevie taps out right away for
the win!
[b]Winner : Chris Jericho[/b]

[b]END SHOW[/b]

-- This has been Ryan "TML" Pacheco as your HEAT reporter for this time.