WWE News: Johnny Ace Disliked Backstage, Flair/Orton Segment From Raw

-- Johnny Laurinaitis (aka Johnny Ace) continues to be one of the most disliked people backstage. Most wrestlers hate Ace because of him putting in the much hated new dress code, while being inconsistent and allowing some wrestlers to get away with it. Ace is also being blamed for being the man responsible for the firing of Tom Prichard and most view him as a manipulative person who just happens to kiss up to the right people. (Source: pwinsider.com)

-- Ric Flair was the one who came up for the idea for his interview with Randy Orton on RAW last night. Vince McMahon liked the idea as well so the writers decided to run with it and incorporate it into Monday's show. (Source: pwtorch.com)