WWE House Show Results (10/31/04) - Champaign, Illinois

WWE Raw House Show Results 10/31/04
Champaign, Illinois
By: Rick H., rajah.com reader


I attended the WWE Raw Brand house show in Champaign, Illinois tonight. To break down the fan attendence, the floor was probably 90-95% full, the middle level was maybe 50% full, & the upper deck had maybe 40 people scattered all over. Not great attendence. The crowd was into the show for the most part, but I wouldnt say it was a great crowd. Here were the matches. Some might be out of order but everything is pretty close...

Maven Vs. Rodney Mack
Decent opener. Some around me were questioning Maven’s big role on RAW this past week & were wondering if it was a one time thing, I guess we will soon find out. Maven wins with a top rope bulldog that looked like it was botched, because it looked more like a neck breaker.

Tajiri VS. Chuck P.
The only real enjoyable part of this match to start with were Tajiri’s kicks, which sounded great. Pretty good ending though with a few false finishes. Tajiri ends up getting the win with a kick to the face. This one was better than I expected.
WINNER: Tajiri

Simon Dean is introduced to many boo’s. He rips up Champaign by saying the fat people should be ashamed of themselves. This brings out Rosey, to stand up for the overweight people to start a match…

Simon Dean VS. Rosey
Simon was a lot of fun to watch, as he incorporates all of these fitness exercises into his matches. (While choking Rosey on the mat with one hand, he does pushups with the other. He put on a weight lifting belt to try & slam Rosey. He bounces off the ropes, does lunges, followed by a leg drop. Great stuff.) Match ends with Dean brining in his fitness bag, the referee taking it away, & then a low blow to Rosey to get the win.
WINNER: Simon Dean

La Resistance VS. Eugene & William Regal
This match was a lot of fun to watch, as Eugene was having fun with the French flags. (riding them like a horse, using them as a guitar, sticking the pole into people’s butts, including Regal’s.) Regal was having a lot of fun too, by messing with his opponents heads, then acting innocent. Coach came out before the match started & said he would be the special referee. He called it down the middle until the end when Eugene went for a cover, but Coach faked an arm injury. Eugene gave him a stunner, & then was going to get hit with the flag. Conway swung but Eugene moved & hit his partner instead. Regal made the cover as Eugene used Coach’s arm to make the count.


6 Diva Halloween Battle Royal
Val Venis: Special Referee
All the divas came out dressed as something Trish was wonder woman, Stacy was a bunny, Victoria was a cat, Jazz was something with a mask that made no sense, Nidia was a Latino (?), and Molly was "Miss Madness ‘99". It was a nice dose of the old "Mona" from WCW. Trish & Victoria were elimated at the same time & as soon as Victoria came down, she was holding her arm, & right away the trainers came out to help her. It looked serious. Finish came when Jazz threw out Stacy to get the win.

IC Title Match:
Shelton Benjamin VS. Christian
Great match with lots of action. Tomko came with Christian & helped out his man on several occasions. An awesome series of moves & reversals were used in the finish that ended with Shelton hitting his T-Bone-like suplex. If this is any indication of there future matches, they will be VERY enjoyable to watch.
WINNER: Shelton Benjamin

T-Shirt guy shot out Survivor Series shirts. I missed a t-shirt because I didn’t want to take out my best friend in the process. Now im thinking that I should of…..

Gene Snitizy came out & did his usual boring interview. He said that nothing was ever his fault, and so on. Hurricane came out for a match.

Snitizy VS. Hurricane
Complete squash. I think Hurricane had 4 or 5 punches in offense, but that was it. Gene hit his pump handle slam for the win. He left the ring but came back in to deliver another one.
WINNER: Gene Snitizy

Batista & Ric Flair VS. Randy Orton & Chris Benoit
Flair came out to a nice pop but ripped up the U. of Illinois football team. But hey, you can’t fault the guy for speaking the truth. Flair punk’d out a guy sitting in the front row and said he made a woman out of his girlfriend last night. Great stuff. The other 3 got good pops as well. Benoit was thrown into the guard rail at one point that injured a fan, as he banged up his knee & needed medical help. Ok match with Orton hitting the RKO for the win. After the match Orton posed on all 4 ‘buckes to big pops. Him & Benoit shook hands with the fans & then left.
WINNERS: Randy Orton & Chris Benoit

For not having a lot of their established talent (HHH, HBK, Kane, Edge, Jericho, Rhyno), they pulled off a fun show. This has been my 1st house show in about 2 years (as I usually only go to Raw’s) & forgot how much fun they were. But it was still enjoyable & the fans were sent home happy. Feel free to use this.
Rick H.