Huge Update on the WWE Harassment Story

According to a number of fans who were present in the Alabama Hooters, there is nothing to the accusation that Jericho, Flair and Batista harassed Dana Mixx. The latter claims that the three wrestlers stole his cowboy hat and forcefully refused to give it back, going as far as to threaten to "beat him up" if he tried to retrieve it.

However, the take from fans is rather different. Apparently, Mixx challenged Jericho to an arm wrestling match and lost, and due to the loss, handed over his hat. Jericho later gave it back, but it was not stolen by any means.

The WWE wrestlers in the restaurant later signed autographs and took pictures with fans, including Mixx. A WWE employee confirmed to that there was no foulplay on a WWE wrestler's part - no physical or verbal threats were made.

It has also come to light that Batista was not even in the Hooters at the time of the incident, which further damages the credibility of the charges.

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