Batista Leaving Evolution Soon & Triple H/New York Book Signing Report

We got back from the Triple H book signing at Virgin Megastore in Union Square, Manhattan. The autograph session started at approximately 7:00 pm. The turnout was huge for this book signing. Myself and my cousins Mark and Mary, were in attendance. Triple H posed for pictures, chatted with the fans, and was overall awesome in person. The fans really loved Triple H tonight, and everyone there seemed to forget that he was a heel. At one point during the session Triple H finished his bottle of water, signed the bottle, and then threw it into the crowd. My cousin Mark tried to catch it, but was unable to. Overall, this was a great way to promote the book. The fans were thrilled to be there, and The Game enjoyed the time spent there.

-The WWE Live Events Website is promoting a match between Batista & Randy Orton for January 14th & 15th, but the interesting title of it is this, "Former members of evolution collide." Could this mean that either WWE has just messed up once again or that there is some credence to Batista leaving Evolution soon?

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Credit: John Permaul