Latest On Lesnar's WWE Return, Insider Update on Flair-Foley Fight

* According to Mike Mooneyham of, the Ric Flair and Mick Foley fight did not end after the two were broken up. They exchanged words for about a half an hour, with both men showing indications that they wanted the fight to continue.

At one point, Ric Flair headed to the ring in an empty arena as a sign that he wanted to challenge Foley to a fight. Foley remarked about how he didn't want to hurt an old man; Flair told Foley that he need not worry since Foley was not able to do that - Flair vowed to "mess" Foley up.

It is still believed that WWE wants to turn this animosity into a storyline, but the chances of such an angle occurring are not yet known.

* Since Brock Lesnar's no-compete clause ends in March 2005, WWE will have to make a decision soon as to whether or not they want to bring Lesnar back. Once the clause expires, Lesnar is free to search for an offer in TNA or Japan. As far as what has been reported, everything is true: Lesnar has expressed interest in returning to the company, but seemingly out of resentment for how he left, WWE is not ready to welcome him back.

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