WWE Sunday Night Heat Report (12/19/04)-Taped in Huntsville, Alabama

WWE Sunday Night Heat Report-19th December 2004
By Shaun Best-Rajah.Com Reporter

Hello there and welcome aboard to the last Sunday Night Heat before the festive season. I am your host Shaun Best, Todd Grisham and The Coach are on commentary and Howard Finkel is the ring announcer. No Christmas Pyro as we go straight to the action…………

Simon Dean vs The Hurricane
Simon's making his Heat debut fresh from signing his Raw contract this past Monday and the crowd aren't with the Simon System judging by his negative welcome. The Hurricane receives a warm welcome as he makes his way down looking to avenge the defeat to Simon not too long ago on Raw when Simon was just a sponsor of the show. Simon avoids locking up with Hurricane by squatting past him and tries to goad him forwards. They lockup, Simon with a go-behind, Hurricane snapmares him down, Simon counters into an armbar, Hurricane works in a headscissors, both up, Hurricane slaps on a side headlock. Simon backs him into a corner, no clean break instead delivering heads to the midsection. Irish whip, Hurricane leaps up, perches on Simon who throws him off. Hurricane lands on the apron counters a roundhouse with one of his own, attempts to drive his head into the midsection through the second rope but Simon catches it turns round and executes a reverse neckbreaker as Hurricane bounces off the rope and onto the canvas favouring the head. Simon drags Hurricane away gets a nearfall and proceeds to kick and punch the fallen superhero before choking him with his foot underneath the bottom rope. Hurricane goes to the corner tries punching back, Simon with a knee to the midsection, attempts another neckbreaker, Hurricane reverses into a backslide for a one count and Simon punches Hurricane back down again. Simon chokes Hurricane again with his foot whilst doing some hindu squats and then applies a chinlock. Hurricane punches out, Simon clubs him in the back, Irish whip, charge, Hurricane punches away ducks a Dean swing and another punch knocks him down. Hurricane lands more punches, Simon off the ropes, heel kick takes him down. Hurricane follows up with a flying forearm and a move which Grisham calls the Underdog and gets a two count on two attempts. Simon reverses an Irish whip, charges eats boot, Hurricane goes to the second rope hits a reverse bulldog, sets up and charges in with a Shining Wizard. Simon ducks, tries a rollup, Hurricane rolls back and hits the Shining Wizard, covers but Simon gets his foot on the ropes to get out of jail and stays alive. Hurricane picks up Simon and attempts the Eye of the Hurricane but Simon pushes him into the referee who is sent tumbling into the ropes and to the outside which is surely a DQ. Simon proceeds to kick, punch and choke at the grounded Hurricane until Rosey rushes down to make the save and Simon scurries away like a thief in the night as Rosey talks trash from the ring. There was no official announcement but I'm sure Hurricane gets this via a DQ. Here is Your Winner: THE HURRICANE.

Still to come Trish Stratus vs Victoria.

Up Next Randy Orton vs Edge from Raw Last Monday.

Raw Promo Airs.

Randy Orton defeats Edge via an RKO on Raw Last Monday.

Up Next Rhyno & Tajiri vs La Resistance.


La Resistance vs Rhyno & Tajiri
I guess this is the rubber match then following the two singles bouts between these two teams last week. Sylvain's singing is interrupted by Rhyjiri storming the ring with Rhyno outsprinting Tajiri yet again. They get in the Quebecers faces before saluting the fans by mounting the corners before fixing their attention back to la Resistance. Bell rings as Tajiri sprays mist in the air which narrowly avoids La Resistance and more so the referee who is in between both teams. La Resistance look pissed and it's Sylvain starting things off with Tajiri. Lockup, side headlock by Grenier, works into an armwringer, goes to a side-takedown, Tajiri headscissors out, Grenier rolls up, flips over and bridges for a cover. Tajiri gets out at one, backup, go-behind on Grenier, side headlock, Tajiri off the ropes, steps over Grenier who then jumps over Tajiri but Tajiri lands a kick on the ass, taunts, ducks a charging Grenier, comes off the ropes, and hits a reverse hiptoss. Both get up, Sylvain with a drop toehold, he nips up and plays to Conway as Tajiri nips up comes behind him and a spinning heel kick puts him down. Tajiri covers but Grenier kicks out at two. Rhyno is tagged in and he wrenches the arm and punches away, Sylvain backs him into his corner, holds him back and tags in Conway who enters and immediately works on the arm with an armwringer. Rhyno reverses and both exchange punches. Rhyno wins the slugfest, bounces Conway off the ropes, hits a hiptoss and lands a chop and an Irish whip. Rhyno charges and eats an elbow, Conway comes forward, Rhyno ducks hoists Conway onto the top rope and beats away at him and Conway eventually falls into the tree of woe position. Tajiri gets tagged back in and he capitalizes and hits Conway with a baseball slide to the face. Grenier enters, breaks up a Tajiri pin attempt and he retaliates by kicking a retreating Grenier out of the ring. Tajiri lands more punches on Conway but he reverses a whip to the ropes and Grenier hooks Tajiri's legs ands pulls him outside and clotheslines him down. The referee is distracted by a protesting Rhyno as Tajiri is now back inside and he suffers a neckbreaker from Conway. Conway tries a cover but can only get a two count. La Resistance make Tajiri taste flag then as the Quebec flag is flaunted first by Conway and then choked on via Grenier behind the ref's back. Conway slaps Tajiri tags in Grenier, goes to Irish whip Tajiri but then reverses back into his corner and Tajiri is pummeled by a round of elbow tennis with the second elbow by Conway putting him down. Grenier with a kneedrop and another cover attempt, Tajiri is out at two so Grenier stretches away at Tajiri's face. Tajiri slowly gets to his feet, Sylvain knees him in the gut and Tajiri goes to the wrong corner as Grenier delivers head to the midsection and punches. Tajiri tries to fight his way free with punches and kicks of his own and starts to rally and he leaps onto Grenier trying to force him backwards enough to reach Rhyno. Grenier tries to go forward and Tajiri rolls down attempting a sunset flip which he does get but after Grenier makes the blind tag and Conway attacks Tajiri with kicks to the back and he wrenches Tajiri's neck in an awkward position. Tajiri manages to turn around, Conway with a kick to the gut, Tajiri off the ropes, comes back with a springboard back elbow taking Conway down. Conway tags in Grenier and Tajiri gets to Rhyno just in time before Grenier can strike and Rhyno enters a house of fire and unloads on Grenier with punches. Grenier with a reversal to the ropes, Rhyno knocks him down with a flying clothesline, takes him down with another clothesline and knocks Conway off the apron. Grenier hits a kick to the gut but Grenier's reel in is reversed into a spinebuster. Rhyno covers and Grenier just nicks out at two. Rhyno can't belive it as he punches Grenier into the corner and the crowd want a Gore and Rhyno wants to give them all one. Rhyno whips Grenier to the corner charges in with a diving head to the midsection lands a belly-to-belly suplex goes for a cover no he sees Conway come in. Conway kicks Rhyno lands a punch, Grenier hoists him up and La Resistance execute the Hart Attack on the man beast. Grenier covers and Tajiri breaks up the count then kicks Conway off the apron and kicks Grenier who reverses his whip to the corner, charges and he gets locked in the tarantula. Conway saves his tag team partner by pushing Tajiri off of him and over the top rope to the floor and he helps up Sylvain to a crouching position in the corner turns around and is smashed with a Gore by the Rhyno Express Train. Conway drops to the outside and Rhyno approaches Grenier in the corner who takes Rhyno's legs and rolls him up with his foot on the ropes for leverage. The referee doesn't see as he registers the three count and La Resistance steal one and take the series 2-1 as Rhyjiri stare in disbelief. Here are Your Winners: LA RESISTANCE.

Up Next Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho vs Triple H & Batista from Raw Last Monday.

Don't Try This At Home.

Triple H & Batista defeat Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho on Raw Last Monday. Batista pins Benoit following a spinebuster and Triple H looks bemused at Batista who is clearly not in the shadow of Triple H any longer.

Note to UK Viewers WWE Programming is changing times. Starting Monday January 3rd Raw is on Live at 2am on Sky Sports 3 and repeated Wednesdays at 9pm on Sky Sports 3 starting January 5th. Also Heat is still on Sunday but not at 11am but at 1pm on Sky Sports 3 starting January 2nd. It's about time the loyal UK fanbase got Raw Live in my opinion.


Val Venis vs Chad Collyer
Hellooooo Ladies, Val Venis makes his way down to a nice pop and I'm predicting a tough match for the Big Valbowski against Chad Collyer who resembles and looks a bit like Charlie Haas and is technically sound in the ring and is coming off a recent run in TNA as one of Jeff Jarrett's Elite Guard. Chad talks trash to the crowd as the Fink announces him and Val enters the ring tells him to back off before doing his usual schtick in the corner with the towel etc. Chad looks confident and lets out a "who's the man" taunt as the bell rings to get us underway. Val extends his hand but Collyer wants nothing to do with it and wants to get it on. Val and Collyer circle each other as Val gets the crowd behind him with applause and he takes control immediately by working the arm of Collyer. Collyer tries to flip out and reverse but Venis holds on and grounds Collyer. Collyer gets up and tries to break free again by putting his weight on Val's knee, Val still has none of it and forces him back down again propping his own knee against the arm of Collyer for extra leverage. Val applies more and more pressure as Collyer gets up by twisting his arm round again. Collyer rolls forward and finally breaks free following a forearm to the head of Val. Collyer applies a side headlock, Collyer off the ropes, steps over Venis, comes back slides underneath Val, Val charges in and takes him down with a shoulderblock. Val off the ropes, steps over Collyer, blocks a hiptoss attempt and works a backslide which Collyer kicks out of at two. Val sweeps the charging Collyer's legs, covers again but only gets another two. Val lands punches at Collyer, comes off the ropes charging in, Collyer counters with a drop toehold keeps hold of the leg and brings his weight down onto it leaving Val in pain and Collyer admiring his handywork thus far. Collyer then begins to work away at the left leg of Venis, kicking, twisting and dropping his own weight onto it numerous times. Val bites his fist as Collyer applies some submissions to the leg and Val eventually punches free following some punches to the back of Collyer. Val gets to his feet and is met with chops by Collyer, Val goes to the corner and after a few Collyer punches and chops Val turns it around and hits punches and chops of his own which send Collyer rolling to the outside however he grabs Val's leg pulls him down and rams it into the canvas/apron gets back in and re-takes the advantage and re-applies the submission holds to the leg. The crowd rally behind Val who uses his other foot to break free of Collyer and kick him into the corner and Val pulls out a small package in desperation but Collyer is able to get out at two. Collyer gets up and attempts to take Val down again but Val hits a kneelift to the face, and follows up with a clothesline and a backelbow. Collyer off the ropes, big backbodydrop by Val who is hobbling around in some pain, kick to the gut of Collyer leads to a fisherman suplex but Collyer manages to get out at two. Val is still limping as he drops elbows onto Collyer and signals for the end as he goes to attempt the Money Shot. Val goes to the top rope but Collyer is up at this point and he dropkicks Val in the leg and he is crotched on top. Collyer throws him back down to the canvas and applies a leg grapevine as Val squirms around hitting the mat a few times and it looks as though he's tapped out twice but the referee doesn't see it as tapping out as Val tries to inch toward the bottom rope all the while looking ready to tap the mat again. Collyer should be declared the winner now. Val manages to gut it out and gets to the rope, Collyer breaks the hold and argues with the referee and he does have a case as it did look as though Val tapped out. Val uses the ropes to aid him to his feet in the corner, Collyer charges in frustration, Val moves and Collyer eats turnbuckle. Val lands a kick to the gut goes for a suplex but he can't get Collyer up and he limps away. Collyer comes from behind attempting a german suplex, Val blocks, backelbows free but walks into a sleeper as Collyer is on Val's back. However, just as it looks as Val's in trouble he gets Collyer off his back, twists his head out of the sleeper, picks up Collyer and brings him down with a variation of a sitdown powerbomb and he covers and gets the duke. Val has escaped with a fortunate victory and I think that Collyer had him beat. Anyways Here is Your Winner: VAL VENIS.

Up Next Eric Bischoff makes a Decision on the World Heavyweight Championship.

Randy Orton Raw Promo.

Eric Bischoff vacates World Heavyweight Title until January 9th where it will be decided at New Year's Revolution in an Elimination Chamber between Chris Benoit, Edge, Triple H, Chris Jericho, Batista & Randy Orton. All six man enter and then brawl it out and Orton eventually stands alone in the ring.

Up Next Trish Stratus vs Victoria.


Trish Stratus vs Victoria
Main Event time now and we're treated to a Women's Match between the two hottest divas on Raw in my view. Trish looks disgustingly at fans taking pictures of her as she makes her way to the ring and shields her face away and she gets a mixed reception which eventually turn to boos and Trish motions them to keep on booing. Victoria gets a big pop as she strips down on the ramp and then disappoints by denying us all a little dance but she's still looking hot and both women are looking to get back into the Title hunt. Trish gets the better of the lockup backing Victoria into a corner and instead of a clean break Trish opts to pull Victoria along a little by the hair. Victoria swings at Trish who swerves and both divas stare one another down before Victoria takes another swing with a closed fist, the referee steps in and Trish blindsides her with a punch of her own followed by a kick to the gut. Trish with a side headlock, Victoria tries punching free, Trish off the ropes, manages to step over Victoria who is in a splits position, but she then runs into a monkey flip and then a bodyslam. Victoria gets the crowd going with a shaking backflip and covers for a nearfall. Victoria hits more roundhouses to Trish, Irish whip to the corner reversed, Victoria lands on the bottom rope jumps up and onto the charging Trish who throws her off. Victoria lands on the apron, Trish delivers head to the midsection and throws her into the ringpost and Victoria crashes to the floor. Trish takes a bow as Victoria gets back up only to be greeted by a dropkick through the ropes by Trish. Trish goes out kicks Victoria rolls her back in gets a nearfall treads on her and gets another nearfall. Trish lands a kick to the back of the head and grips at Victoria's arm. Victoria comes back with punches to Trish but Trish simply kicks her back down and stomps away for another nearfall. Victoria is Irish whipped, Trish charges but is kicked away, Victoria goes to the second rope, Trish attempts the Stratusfear but is pushed down to the canvas and Victoria goes to the top rope and hits Trish with a cross body for a nearfall. Victoria with more punches to Trish, whips Trish to the corner, Trish rebounds and is the recipient of a sidewalk slam. Victoria covers but Trish gets her foot on the ropes to break it up. Victoria goes out onto the apron to attempt a vault onto Trish but Trish rolls out of harms way and onto the apron herself, she gets up, and hits Victoria with a devastating chick kick climbs back in, gives the signal and finishes Victoria off with Stratusfaction. 1-2-3. Here is Your Winner: TRISH STRATUS.

Coach & Grisham thank us for watching and shill for Tomorrow's Raw which is a Best of 2004 Edition hosted by The Coach. End of Show. I'll be back next week with a recap of 2004 and the 2004 Heat awards nominations so don't miss it. Until next Sunday take it easy have a good week and a very merry Christmas to all. Later Days. Shaun.