WWE Smackdown! Report (3/18/04) - Taped in Boston, Massachusetts

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Report by: 1wrestling.com

The show opens with John Cena displaying his newly won title and and cutting a rap. Paul Heyman comes out and acknowledges Brock Lesnar's departure from the WWE. He then explains Monday's lottery on Raw. He and Bischoff will be the ones pulling the names. Heyman goes on to say how everyone left him alone last week with Steve Austin. He hopes each of them ends up on Raw. He gets in Cena's face and slaps him. He tries for another but Cena cuts him off with a big punch. Rhyno charges the ring and our first match is on.

Rhyno on offense until he meets Cena's boot. He comes back with an Anderson Spinebuster for two. Cena fights back but is taken down with an elbow and kicks. Cena with punches and elbows. Back bodydrop and it's time to pump it up. Big fist and a kick set Ryhno up for the FU and pin.
WINNER: John Cena

Edge video airs.

Heyman is walking through the hall and comes across the APA. Bradshaw and Farooq laugh at him for last week's events. Heyman tells them if they don't win the WWE Tag belts tonight, they're fired.

Commercial break.

The APA vs. Rikishi & Scotty 2 Hotty - WWE TAG TITLE MATCH
Scotty and Bradshaw to start out. Bradshaw wants a piece of Rikishi so he tags in. Punches back and forth and a headbutt from Rikishi. Chops in the corner and Scotty tags in. Scotty mounts some offense but is stopped with a slam for two. Farooq tags in with punches and a shoulder breaker. Bradshaw in with a shoulderblock for two. Torture rack but Scotty slips out. Big boot and Scotty is down. Farooq tags back in and gets a two count. Rear chinlock. APA keeps Scotty in their corner and make quick tags. Scotty finally hits a tornado DDT and makes the tag to Rikishi who DDT's Bradshaw again. Scotty comes in and is preparing the worm, but Farooq, who is right behind him, takes him down. Rikishi takes out Farooq and ducks a Clothesline from Hell. Superkick and the three count.
WINNERS: Rikishi & Scotty 2 Hotty

Commercial break.

Back from commercial, the APA burst into Heyman's office and challenge him to fire them to their faces. Heyman says he didn't say the APA was fired, just Farooq. Heyman is impressed with Bradshaw and his financial skills. Farooq starts to leave but Bradshaw doesn't join him. Farooq leaves the dressing room.

Heyman then goes over into another locker room where Gunn, Mysterio and the WGTT are. He tells them they will be in a gauntlet tonight with the winner receiving a shot at Eddie Guerrero's title later tonight. He then tells Shelton Benjamin he's out first and Charlie Haas is his opponent.

Commercial break.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Charlie Haas
Mat wrestling starts this match out. Haas gains offense but Benjamin slips in a headlock takedown. More mat wrestling with neither gaining an upper hand. Haas works on Benjamin's arm followed by a drop toehold. Haas stays on the arm until Benjamin breaks out of it and bails. Back in, Haas with a front facelock but Benjamin again breaks out of it and bails. Benjamin gets back in and is met with clothesline, a back bodydrop and a suplex for a two count. Haas with a dropkick and a German suplex for two. Haas blocks a superkick but is tagged with the Dragon Whip for the three.
WINNER: Shelton Benjamin
Both shake hands in the middle of the ring.

Farooq is shown walking out of the arena. Bradshaw catches up with him and tries to talk to him but Farooq keeps walking.

Commercial break.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Billy Gunn
Benjamin on offense early and chokes Gunn in the corner. Gunn comes back with punches but takes an elbow and lariat. Both spill outside and brawl. Gunn sends Benjamin into the railing then tosses him back in. Knee drop for two. Benjamin with a powerslam for two. Chinlock on Gunn. Gunn fights back but is brought back down with an elbow. Flying knee and back to the chinlock. Gunn musters up a jawjack, a boot and a neckbreaker. Both are down. Gunn up and hits a tilt-a-whirl slam. Splash in the corner. Gunn is prepping for the FameAsser when Benjamin sneaks in a roll-up for the pin.
WINNER: Shelton Benjamin
Big Show comes to the ring and Benjamin is scared. Show says he was robbed of his US Title but now he