Official Draft Lottery Website & Draft News, RVD/Booker T

* The following was sent in today by Chris Jobes to update an article I posted earlier today:

My name is Chris Jobes and am a loyal reader to, I just got done reading a article you posted about tonight's draft. I just wanted to let someone know that if you go to they have that it is the future home. So hopefully tonight we will have complete draft results on that page while matches are going on. If you remember when the first draft happend two years ago, they did the same thing by listing draft choices while matches went on.

The current plan is to have the draft continue after tonight's RAW on for all WWE fans to watch the rest of the draft.

* The following are rumored and have not been confirmed: Booker T & RVD and La Resistance headed to SmackDown! and Rikishi & Scotty 2 Hotty headed to RAW

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