More On Brock Lesnar Decision To Leave WWE Including Nine Reasons Why

The following report comes from the Newsletter:

Brock Lesnar still has another five years left on his WWE contract which has put WWE in the power position in terms of negotiating his release. Brock parted ways with super agent Barry Bloom after Bloom got him his original WWE contract. It seems likely right now that WWE will not allow him to work for any other pro-wrestling or shoot fight company for the next five years. WWE is expecting Brock to return if he is unable to land a job in the NFL. Despite what some think, Lesnar is not financially set for life. He is very young and spent money freely during the last year or so on expensive cars and other "toys."

At this point, these appear to be the nine reasons why Brock Lesnar left WWE:

1. His travel schedule. Brock has always been a farm boy and he could not handle the hectic schedule, waking up in hotel rooms everyday, etc.

2. He didn't love pro-wrestling. Brock got into wrestling for the money. He actually hated pro-wrestling when he was a standout amateur wrestler.

3. Right or wrong, he really feels he can make it to the NFL. Brock misses being involved in a "real sport."

4. He thought WWE did not appreciate him enough. Brock was not happy with how he was being booked and that he had to drop the WWE Title to a "little guy" like Eddie Guerrero. He wanted a long title reign. Having to work matches against Bob Holly in South Africa made him feel even more demoted.

5. His personal life. Brock is currently living with his young child and the child's mother, while dating Sable. His personal life has added a lot of stress and anxiety.

6. He was embarrassed that walk up ticket sales to WWE house shows went up after he dropped the WWE Title to Eddie Guerrero.

7. He did not want to feud with the Undertaker. 'Taker had been telling people that he would "set Brock straight" and humble him if he didn't show veterans respect.

8. He did not want to end up with serious injuries or be a cripple. He did not like that wrestling had no off season where he could rest his body.

9. He had nothing left to prove. He had already reached the top of the wrestling industry and thought the only place he would go now is down, then back up to where he had already been. He wanted a new challenge.

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