WWE Smackdown! Report (3/25/04) - Grand Rapids, Michigan

Smackdown! Report | Grand Rapids, MI | March 25, 2004
By Sebastian Kumali, rajahwwf.com reporter

Smackdown! began the night with clips from Monday's lottery draft on Raw. The two
GMs, Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman, grew in excitement as they had the chance to
deprive the other of their superstars. As Eric Bischoff made his last pick, Heyman
was shocked to find that indeed no one was exempt from the draft! Heyman would be
the sixth draft to the Raw roster, working for nemesis Eric Bischoff. With that,
Heyman expressed his disgust and stormed out of the arena.

The show kicked off in front of a small crowd in Grand Rapids, MI. "Time to play the
game!" Triple H's music sounded but he was no where to be found. It was obvious by
the fans' signs in the audience that Triple H was welcomed to the brand. To
everyone's surprise, former WWE Champion Kurt Angle came out dressed for success.
He then made the inclination that Stephanie McMahon would be returning as
Smackdown's! new GM. After his long winded announcement, he stated that he will be
the new GM of the brand, "Oh It's True!" Not to long after, Angle made the
announcement that Triple H would not be apart of the Smackdown! brand as a result of
a trade. You could tell the audience was upset because they expected "the game".
Triple H's trade got them three superstars, Bubba Ray and D-von Dudley, and Booker
T. Booker than came out with a depressed look on his face and announced to the
crowd and Angle that he did not want to be apart of the minor leagues and that he'd
rather be on Raw. While putting down the brand as inferior, he made mention that he
is better than anyone in the Smackdown! locker room. Angle gave his new prospect a
promise that he will grow to love Smackdown! and that he will become a huge
superstar. Booker left the ring with the heat from the audience.

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Rob Van Dam vs Charlie Haas
Smackdown's! newest talent ran a short promo on how he is happy to be apart of the
brand and now calls himself, "Mr. Thursday Night", as opposed to his former Mr.
Monday Night persona. He says that no one who gets higher than "R V D". After Van
Dam made his way to the ring, the former WWE Tag Team Champion Charlie Haas
immediately began telling RVD that this is his show. Van Dam responded by doing his
famous "I'm Rob..Van..Dam" and getting the crowd into it. Haas went on the
offensive going after RVDs' legs. RVD struck back with his educated feet and went
for a few highflying moves. When RVD went to the top rope for the van daminator,
Haas pushed him off sending RVD crashing to the barricade on the outside. Haas and
Van Dam battled on the outside for a little while before getting back in the ring.
Haas worked on RVDs' legs some more and went for the pin, putting his feet on the
ropes. The referee saw that Haas was cheating and stopped the count. Haas then
began to take the padding off the turnbuckle, only to get rolled up for the three
count by RVD! As RVD left the ring, Haas stared back with a disgruntled look on his
Winner - Rob Van Dam

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