WrestleMania XX Payoff's To Be Very High, Draft Lottery To Become An Annual Event

- With WrestleMania XX being the highest grossing WWE PPV ever, it is expected for the payouts to wrestlers will be 30% higher than last year. WWE brought in between $40 and $45 million from the PPV, which means their share will be around $20 million after paying the cable and satellite companies.

- There is a possibility that WWE will have the post-WrestleMania draft lottery becoming an annual event due to the high rating RAW received this past Monday. The feeling is that the brand split has been established to the point where combining the rosters for one night would impact the ratings and create a "special" atmosphere. Most believe that if the roster had never been split, RAW would have not been able to draw a 4.5 rating.

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Credit: PWTorch.com Newsletter