Brock Lesnar To Work Out For NFL Scouts On May 18

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Former WWE Champion Brock Lesnar recently announced his retirement from pro wrestling and is now hoping to land an NFL audition. The former NCAA Wrestling Champion at the University of Minnesota hasn't played football since he was in high school, but believes he can play defensive line in the NFL. Although Lesnar has said that he will accept any tryouts offered to him, he would prefer to play for his hometown Minnesota Vikings. "He is serious about this," agent Ed Hitchcock told the Pioneer Press. "He wants to be in the NFL. He is such a tremendous athlete, he has a chance." Last month, Vikings head coach Mike Tice said he had not discussed the matter with Lesnar.

As crazy as it may seem, some NFL insiders are starting to warm up to the idea of giving Lesnar a tryout. Perhaps it has something to do with the 4.65 seconds it took him to run the 40-yard dash during a recent workout. That may not be such a good time for a running back like Maurice Clarett, but it's a great time for a 6-4, 290 lbs. physical specimen such as Lesnar. Of course, a fast time in the 40-yard dash is one thing, and actually playing football is another. Lesnar spent some time at an Arizona training facility last month, and is said to be working out eight hours each day. He has a long way to go, but don't be surprised if that impressive dash time scores him a tryout or two.

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