Rock's Movie Earnings, Dudley Boyz Receiving Heat, Nash on Kimmel Recap

- The Rock has earned $33 million for his last three movies despite the Rundown not being considered a box office success.

- The Dudley Boyz got heat from several wrestlers their first night on Smackdown! mainly because of their reputation for working stiff. Many thought that D-Von took liberties with the Bashams but these same people agree that their tendencies should end when they feud with Rikishi & Scotty because of Rikishi.

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Tom Dinardi

Hello, everyone. This is Tom Dinardi, your former (yeah, I know
it's changed, but that's what it was when I was around) WWE Confidential
Reporter, and though the WWE hasn't stopped into town to warrant a report from me
since October, former WWE Superstar Kevin Nash was on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and I
caught the last few minutes of the interview.

Nash mentions how he originally had a few lines in the movie, but when he
went to do voice-overs for the film, he had none. Kimmel asks how you would
audition for a movie role like the one he got where you have to beat the crap out
of another guy, and then talk shifts to how Nash got stabbed during filming.
Nash says that they were working on the fight scene, and the fight coordinator
must have been pre-occupied and forgotten to put the retractable knife in, and
he got stabbed, even though the knife was blunt. Jimmy Kimmel asks if it hurt,
and Nash said how wrestlers go by the motto "Don't sell anything", so he said
he just winced and said it was alright and didn't hurt, while people on the
set were like, "Whoa, he just got stabbed." Kimmel asks if Thomas Jane (the guy
who plays The Punisher) got fired for it, but Nash says that if he had done
it to someone, he probably would have been fired. Lil' Bow Wow (who must be the
guest host for the week or something) was there, and Kimmel pokes fun, asking
Bow Wow if he ever got stabbed while filming Johnson Family Vacation. He says
it never happened, but then Nash asks him about a scene in that movie in a
hotel where Bow Wow and someone else apparently eat a lot of food, and they
actually got to do it or something. I didn't really understand. Kimmel plugs The
Punisher, and the interview is over.

It was a pretty entertaining and informative interview, I was surprised.
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