Dark Matches, WWE Velocity *Spoilers* (4/13/04) - Indianapolis, Indiana

Report by: pwinsider.com

There were flyers promoting Judgment Day, as well as various Shopzone items and WWE programming. It stated that Smackdown could be seen at 8pm Thursdays on Spike TV. Oops.

Action starts at 7:31 pm with the Desire video. Two new clips have been edited into it: Christian kissing Trish and Eddie celebrating with Benoit, both from Wrestlemania XX.

1st Dark Match is Jaime Noble versus Matt Capotelli. -Capotelli already has an entrance video. He also gets the win, and looks ready to be called up.

2nd Dark Match is Brent Fulbright versus Paul London. - This 5 minute match was declared boring by the Indy crowd, but I thought it was pretty decent for a dark match.

Josh Matthews comes out, and then Bill DeMott, to start Velocity.

1st Velocity Match is Ultimo Dragon versus Nunzio. - The Dragon looks so misused. In 3 minutes Nunzio grabs a hold of the ropes to steal a win.

Velocity pyro starts and we get our second match: Hardcore Holly, with Billy Gunn in his corner, versus Akio, with Sakoda in his corner. - Match takes about 6-7 minutes (Why!?!) Holly finishes off Akio with a Hollycaust, and is somehow persuaded by Gunn to reveal that he wears a thong. UGH!!!

3rd Velocity match is Johnny Stramboli versus Orlando. - Both members of the FBI were alone for their match. Orlando wins in 5-6 minutes; what do people see in this guy?

4th Velocity match is Doug Basham versus D-Von Dudley. - Very good match; makes me want to actually watch Velocity this week. While the ref is distracted by forcing one of the Bashams to go to the back, the Dudley