Booker T's Push & Approaching Retirement, Goldberg's Future in Japan

* Many wrestlers in the WWE feel that Goldberg won't stay in Japanese wrestling circuits very long now that promoters want to move away from short squash matches, and into longer matches against top-tier talents with the occassional loss to keep things interesting.

* For all the Booker T fans in wrestling land, it looks like his days in the ring with the WWE may soon come to an end. He has been telling his friends that while he's really enjoying his main event push with the company, he is still planning to retire from in-ring action sometime in the near future. In light of his recent push, he is still experiencing severe back problems and the next big back issue could be his last before closing his in-ring career and running his own business in his hometown. In the meantime, he will continue his push now that Goldberg and Lesnar are no longer options in the main event picture.

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