Tentative Backlash Main Event, Edge Update, Jeff Hardy to Return?

- The Backlash PPV in April is expected to be headlined by Triple H defending against Chris Benoit, since the show will be held in Benoit's hometown of Edmonton.

- As of this writing, Edge is expected back in action just after Wrestlemania. He is recovering well from neck surgery and could conceivably work the PPV but the feeling amongst WWE officials is that they'd rather wait after Wrestlemania to bring him back since they don't want to risk his return getting lose in the shuffle when Mick Foley, Rock and Undertaker are all expected to make their returns to wrestling at that time as well.

- Some WWE officials feel as if Garrison Cade will join Rene Dupree as future superstars for the company somewhere down the line.

- It's looking more and more likely that Jeff Hardy could be returning to WWE in the near future as a way to strengthen the Cruiserweight division on Smackdown!.

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