WWE Smackdown! Report (4/15/04) - Indianapolis, Indiana

Smackdown! Report | Indianapolis, IN | April 15, 2004
By Sebastian Kumali

Smackdown! began with clips from the previous show involving the nominees for the
Great American Award. Up on the titantron, the current United States Champion, John
Cena, was clearly ahead in the polls and rightfully won the award. Bradshaw
interrupts the ceremony and runs a clip of him at the Mexico border chasing off a
few immigrants. Kurt Angle was so impressed with JBL that he awarded the trophy to
him. At the unveiling, the two discovered that the trophy was a fake and that Eddie
Guerrero was behind the switch. Eddie comes out with the real trophy, mocks it,
hits Bradshaw with it, and then destroys it with a steel chair!

After the opening sequence, WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero comes to ringside in one of
his prized lowriders. Eddie explains that Kurt Angle called several times demanding
that he make an apology live on air. and that he does not suck. He states that JBL
is not a great American at all. While Eddie went on, a political campaign ad aired
putting down Eddie Guerrero and elevating Bradshaw as a person that we can be proud
of. When the clip ends, Kurt Angle comes out and berates Guerrero giving him what
he wants, a title defense against JBL tonight in Indianapolis! The NYSE bells rang
out as JBL comes out with his custom bull horned limo. He appreciates the fact that
he can have a title shot tonight but. he's tired. "I've been campaigning all week"
says Bradshaw. He whispers to Angle a suggestion. Angle declares there will be no
title match tonight because he will save it for Judgment Day. Kurt does, however,
grant Eddie a match tonight but not against JBL, against 7 foot 500 pound Big Show!

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JBL and Kurt Angle are in Kurt's office talking over business when Big Show comes
in. Show wants to know if it's a championship match to which Angle stammers and
says the number one contender is JBL. Angle says that he needs Show to teach Eddie
a lesson. Big Show knows that he's being used and calls Angle and JBL out on it.
He tells JBL to shut his mouth and that he'll never beat Guerrero. Big Show said
he'll go up against Eddie but not because they want him too, it's because he wants
to prove he can beat Eddie. He's so confident that he'll quit if Eddie defeats him

John Cena vs Chavo Guerrero Jr., w/Chavo Guerrero Sr. - non title
The first match of the night was a champion vs champion non title match. Cena came
out to a hot Indianapolis crowd chanting his name over and over. If that wasn't
enough, Cena did his thing on the mic and got the crowd even hotter! Chavo came out
and immediately got things underway. Cena was quick to grab Chavo in a headlock.
The two men were exchanging hammer locks but Cena got the better of the tango
finishing it off with a hip toss on Chavo. Chavo recovers and dumps Cena through
the ropes knocking him to the outside. Chavo Sr. was quick to capitalize on the
situation while the referee had his back turned. Cena was met from the back with a
cowboy boot. Chavo Jr. began to work on Cena, knocking him in the corner but Cena
was able to escape and come back to take the lead. After taking Chavo down, Cena
hit the throwback, following up with the five knuckle shuffle. Chavo Sr. came up on
the apron but got a header into the steel pole for his troubles, courtesy of John
Cena. Cena pumped his shoes up and put the dot on the exclamation point with his
signature F-U!
Winner - John Cena

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