WWE Wrestlers Want Part-Time Status, Undertaker/Angle, Big Show Helping Out

* Big Show is expected to be out of action for 8 - 12 weeks to recover from his injuries. However, he has told management that he will work through them for as long as he can in order to help the WWE recover from the loss of Brock Lesnar and Goldberg.

* Those in the WWE Executive Offices are starting to get concerned about some of the main event wrestlers wishing to start working part-time schedules. They feel some of the reason Brock Lesnar left is so that he could one day return in a part-time capacity. Additionally, since the Undertaker has made the move to a seemingly part-time role due to nagging injuries, it could be possible that Kurt Angle is positioning himself in a similar fashion due to the severity of his injuries. Some have compared the current trend to that of Scott Hall and Kevin Nash and stated that more and more wrestlers are thinking about the part-time possibilities.

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