Dark Match, WWE Velocity *Spoilers* (4/20/04) - Kelowna, British Columbia

Report by: wrestlingobserver.com

Dark Match:

Johnny the Bull over some local Kelowna Wrestler
Not too bad a match actually, with Johnny getting some great power spots, and showing how quick he can be. He won with that move off the top rope that turns into a clothesline.


Jamie Noble over Spike Dudley
This was another great opening match, with spike really playing to the crowd. Some fun moves, with spike hitting what I believe to be the stomp, off the apron. That was cool. Noble took it with a rollup I believe.

Nunzio over Funaki
Another fun opener, with lots of heat for nunzio. He won by holding the tights, if I recall.

Mark Jindrak Over Orlando Jordan
This is where the show got good, because we got to see Teddy Long. This dude is amazing. If I had my way, he would have the modern day equivalent to the Heanan family. Call it the players club or something. Anyway, he comes out, starts talkin his jive, and we are all loving it. The mirror is in the ring, and he brings Jindrak out to pose in the mirror. We are all cheering for Teddy. Orlando Jordan comes out, and we are off. Good back and forth match with Jordan getting a lot of offense. Jindrak won with the same