Former WWE Wrestler Battling Cancer, News on Dudley Boyz, Sable's Contract Status

- Former WWE wrestlers John Tenta (aka Earthquake) revealed recently that he has an advanced form of bladder cancer. He also stated that he will be beginning chemotherapy in the near future and that he's uncomfortable but not in any great pain.


- The angle with the Dudley Boyz is that they are going to push them as singles wrestlers with the idea that when wrestlers sign up for matches, they will only be signed to face "The Dudley" - not knowing whether it will be D-Von or Bubba Ray until the match actually starts.

- Sable has one year left on her WWE contract but it is not known at this time whether the company will work towards bringing her back beyond that. The fact that Brock Lesnar has left WWE doesn't help her status as he was believed to be a close ally of hers.

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