Steiner's WWE Status & Contract Info, Sable's Breast Implants & Status

* Although Scott Steiner has been physically cleared to wrestle, there are two major things going against him with regard to a WWE return. First, the WWE creative team currently has no plans for him in any upcoming storylines, thus placing Steiner on the back burner should he return. Secondly, there is still lots of concern about his physical durability, thus making the WWE hesitant to put much TV time into him. Should be become sidelined again, all their work would go down the drain. Steiner's current deal is a 2-year contract that was signed at the beginning of 2003 and will expire at the end of this year.

* To follow up on Rajah's post about Sable's contract status, she also recently had to have one of her breast implants repaired. There are currently no plans to use her in any capacity in the immediate future.

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