Lance Storm Interiview: Reflections on Career, Dawn Marie, ECW, more

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On Tuesday's Brian Garside had the opportunity to interview former WWE superstar Lance Storm via phone from Ohio Valley, where Lance is now working as a trainer in WWE's developmental territory.

Lance talked about his decision to retire from in-ring activity, his current role in Ohio Valley as an instructor, his website, the book club that he's passionate about, and the highlights of his 14 year career.

Lance commented that in the past month since he's been off the road, he's been feeling much better, and that the break has done him a world of good and he's actually feeling quite well.

He's currently in Ohio Valley training WWE developmental prospects, and trying to give them the basic in-ring fundamentals including ring psychology to prepare them for an eventual WWE debut.

While Lance has only been in Ohio Valley for a week, he's impressed with the morale of the guys and girls in the territory, and they're all pretty eager to learn, and so far Lance has been greeted as a positive stepping stone to get to the WWE.

While he wouldn't say who, he did say that there were some people with good potential. "I don't think I've seen anybody who's got star written all over them, there's definately some guys with potential. There's one girl who I think has a lot more potential than the others." Storm responded, "There's certainly some good people here, and I think that not all neccessarily but certainly a lot of them are going to be on TV before too long."

In the nearly 14 years in the business, Lance said that his favourite angle of all the companies he worked for was in ECW, with the WWE "Boring" angle not ranking up there; "Oddly enough, the boring one wasn't my favourite." Storm joked. "There was a couple in ECW that were more my favourites because I was a big part of the creative end of it. Paul gave me a lot of latitude that way. The feud I did with Tommy Dreamer (in ECW) starting off when I challenged him to take the urine test in the ring, that was probably my favourite that I've done. I had a lot of fun with that and working with Tommy was fun." Lance also commented that he enjoyed working with Chris Candido and Tammy Sytch in ECW, "The Triple Threat really the first angle I did with ECW when I was the Triple Threat prospect and I ended up tagging and feuding with Chris Candido at the same time. That was a lot of fun too because Chris, Tammy and I worked really well with each other, and the fact that all three of us were comfortable enough with each other that we could take the promos a little farther than we probably should have and nobody took offense."

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