WWE House Show Results (1/3/05) - Manchester, New Hampshire

Manchester, New Hampshire 1/3/05
By: Brian Gallagher, rajah.com reader

First match of the night Rey Mysterio & Rob Van Dam Vs the Basham bros. for the Tag Titles. The match started off with Basham's making fun of Mysterio's height Doug Basham got to his knees and got drop kicked. The match got underway as Mysterio got isolated from RVD. After a few kicks from RVD Rey hit the 619 then a 5 star frog splash to end the match.

Winners: RVD and Rey Retain titles

2nd match
Daniel Puder Vs Hardcore Holly

Basically a squash match with a few punches here and their Puder won by a rollup with his legs on the ropes

Winner: Daniel Puder

After that match Theodore R. Long comes out and says how smackdown will be number 1 in 2005 and then introduces the next match of the night

3rd Match
6-Man battle Royal for the Cruiser Weight title
Funaki, Spike Dudley, Kidman, Akio, Nunzio, and Chavo Guerrero

no real big spots in this match with funaki retaining at the end by eliminating Billy Kidman.

Winner: Funaki

4th match
Miss Jackie Vs Dawn Marie

Torrie Wilson came down and said she will be the "special ring announcer" for the match
mostly a cat fight with Miss Jackie coming out on top. Dawn marie was angry and decided to try to sneak attack Miss Jackie. Torrie Wilson and Jackie double teamed Dawn and ripped her shirt off exposing her bra.

Winner: Miss Jackie
5th match
Big Show Vs JBL
JBL came out (Accompanied by Orlando Jordan) in his limo and did what he does best being a heel to the crowd. He insulted New Hampshire and Laughed at the thought that the NY mets got Pedro Martinez. Then Big Show came out and pleaded to the big show not to chop him. Not a great match but Orlando Jordan brought a steel chair in the ring and got it punched right in his face. JBL won by DQ after that fiasco

Winner: JBL

6th match
Cena vs Kenzo Suzuki
John Cena came out and told people to buy his new t-shirt. After that he started saying how the red sox won the world series and that the Yankees suck. He then commented on the patriots 1st round bye in the play-offs. Suzuki interrupted him and came out and got F-Ued
Worst match of the Night ... even worse then the diva match

Winner: Cena

7th match
Booker T & Eddy Guerrero Vs Mark Jindrak & Luther Reigns

Mark Jindrak and Luther Reigns come out and get booed like usual. Then Booker T's music hits everyone goes crazy. Then Guerrero's music hits, no sign of Eddy as his music plays confusion fills the arena. Guerrero's Truck actually needed a Jump-start from the JBL's limo then finally after several minutes Eddy comes flying in with a custom purple truck. Finally the match started Booker and Eddy got all the offense in and won the match with a Scissors Kick/Frog Splash combo. Then Booker did the most electrifying move in sports entertainment today THE SPIN-A-ROONIE.

Winners: Guerrero & Booker T

Main Event
Taker vs Heidenreich in a casket match.
Heidenreich came out first and looked like an idiot running around the ring looking scared. Then taker's music hit and he walked down very slowly. Heidenreich had no offense at all with taker dominating. Taker did the Old School, Chokeslam and Tombstone to end the match after rolling him into the casket.

Winner: The Undertaker

all in all it was a pretty good show.

Biggest Pop award goes to John Cena

January 3,2005 verizon wireless arena.
written by Paul Marino (budsteal@yahoo.com), rajah.com reader

Building was far from sold out which was very depressing to look at,but still enjoyed the show,and a note to anyone that goes to the verizon wireless arena for wwe shows,when you get front row seats they may not acctually be by the guard rail,we had front row but we werent by the guard rail we were behind all these dam people with signs which really sucked,oh well on with the show!!

WWE tag team championship-rvd and mysterio vs,the bashams-i have to say this match was not bad at all for an open match,starts off with doug basham taunting mysterios size before getting drop kicked in the face for it,good back and forth match which eventually ended up with doug gettin the 619 then the 5 star frog splash for the victory.
Winners: RVD and Mysterio

Daniel Puder vs. hardcore holly-i was surprised to see Puder there,he came out and got on the mic with his cocky attitude leading me to believe hes gonnna be a heel,holly then comes out to a surprisingly big pop from the crowd,this was a very one sided match with a lot of viscious chops by holly,there was one instance where puder acctually had to do a wrestling move and he fucked it up,eentually puder reversed holly into the turnbuckle and got his legs on the ropes for the 3 count,id like to point out that i think the wwe needs to train puder a little more before he has any more live matches!
Winner: Daniel Puder

Next out comes Teddy long,who pretty much only comes out to announce torrie wilson as our ring announcer for the Diva match!

Miss Jackie vs. Dawn Marie-alot of lock ups and hair pulling,i for one was very happy to see dawn marie cause ive never seen her and she is my favorite diva,eventually miss jackie gets the pinfall,post match dawn is angry attacks torrie and then miss jackie comes in and torrie and jackie double team dawn marie ripping her shirt off as all the divas leave to a pretty decent reaction!On a side note this is my first time seeing torrie wilson in person and she has some meat on her i was shocked!
Winner:Miss Jackie

Cruiserweight championship battle royal-Funaki,Billy Kidman,Akio,Chavo Guerrero,Nunzio,and Spike Dudley-Very fast paced but decent match was good to see Nunzio cause i was a big fan of his in his ECW days,first i believe it was Akio gettin thrown over by Nunzio,then spike went for the dudley dog on Chavo only to get heaved over the top in the process,next kidman practically launched nunzio over with a clothesline,I know chavo went next i cant remember how he went out i dont think i was paying attention,in the end chavo distracts Kidman as Funaki gets him from behind and eliminates him.Good match even though im not a fan of the cruiserweight division.

WWE championship Big Show vs. JBL-Starts with JBL and Orlando Jardan coming out n the White limo and after making there way to the ring doing the usual poke fun at the home town crowd heel role,eventually the Big Show's music hit and out he came scaring both Bradshaw and Orlando out of the ring,the match took awhile to start but eventually it did with alot of head butts and shoulder bumps from the Big Show dominating most of the match.Big show eventually gets attacked on the outside by Orlando.He gets rolled back in and JBL takes over,but not for long as momentum switches back in the Big Show's favor.After a couple more minutes the Big Show finally hits the chokeslam on JBL,Orlando runs in to break the 3 count and big show F5's him,No DQ yet,so here come the Bashams again,then the ref signals for the bell,the big show double chokeslams the bashams,as JBL and crew scramble away.The ref announces the big show as the winner by dq as he celebrates with the title and JBL's hat!
Winner:Big Show by DQ

Next was intermission as the dude with the cannon thing shot shirts out,i feared for my life when he was shooting that thing cause it gets great distance and speed,i gotta get me one of those.

WWE U.S championship John Cena vs. Kenzo Suzuki-I think By far Cena got one of the Biggest pops of the night,he came out to do his usual mic work and talked about how he was from around this area as mike chimel put a yankees hat on to cena's disgust which i found pretty amusing lol!They had back and forth words with Cena eventually chucking the yankee hat in the audience.Out came Kenzo,Kenzo took over a good portion of the beginning of the match with alot of body slams,knee drops,and taunting the crowd,after a shrot while Cena gained the advantage pulled off the 5 knuckle shuffle and then the FU to pick up the victory!On cena's way out he let some kids spin his title!This was an ok match but i wasnt very interested in it not being a very big Cena fan!
Winner:John Cena

Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak vs. Booker T and Eddie Guerrero-Eddie came out in a blue truck which i guess was his choice of vehicle for the night! Decent match but i was paying more attention to these fans yelling at each other over some stupid shit basicly the match ended with Booker T pinning Jindrak after giving him the scissor kick to end it!
Winners Booker T and Eddie Guerrero

Main Event: Casket Match Heidenrich vs The Undertaker-The casket was rolled out and it looked pretty sweet, i thought it was gonna be some cheap wooden thing,After Heidenrich came out the lights went out and Undertaker made his way to the ring to i think was possibly the biggest pop of the night,and he is very big in person!The match started with heidenrich kinda running away from the undertaker but heidenrich eventually throwing some cheap shots in.they battled for a good while,then heidenrich to my surprise pulled off the swinging sidewalk slam,he rolled the Undertaker all the way in the casket and i thought it was acctually over but as he went to shut the door the Undertakers hand came up.He battled his way back out and got the Tombstone on heidenrich then roolled him in the casket and shut it!

All in all pretty good show like i said the building was far from being sold out which sucked,but the quality of the show was fantastic!

Biggest pops of the night

2.John Cena
3.Eddie coming out in the truck!

Biggest Heat
2.Puder for screwin up and for his cocky attitude
3.Chimel for putting the Yankees hat on!