Batista Discusses Goldberg, His Lowest Career Point, Wrestling HHH & More

The following are highlights from an interview WWE superstar Batista did with The London Sun:

On Raw vs. Smackdown: "I don't consider it a rivalry at all. We're a better show, period. There's no comparison. I feel for Smackdown, I just don't know what's going on over there. I try to watch the shows but, for me, they're hard to sit through. And that really makes me sick as it should be a top show. I've watched their tapings live and it seems like a lot of the guys couldn't care less. There's a lack of passion and pride. They need the stress of a live show on them, like we have. A lot of them think: "Oh, it's taped. If I mess up, we'll just redo it." They're more worried about where they're going after the show, which also makes me sick because it means they're not there to work."

On Wrestling Triple H at Wrestlemania: "Man, you're really putting me on the spot here. Let's just put it like this - I would hope to go against the best. I'm at the point where I want to be the man."

On the Deacon Batista Character: "That was the lowest point in my career. It was heartbreaking for me as I was a major player in OVW - our development territory - as Leviathan and then when I got to the WWE they chopped my legs off at the knees. They put me in a suit and made me carry around that stupid box. I was happy that I had my foot in a door and working for the WWE was a dream come true. But after that fiasco it was hard to repackage myself and pick up steam to get to where I am now."

On Goldberg: "I don't think Goldberg ever really had a grasp of wrestling or got it. Goldberg is a friend of mine and I like him a lot personally, but he just didn't have that love or passion for the business. He was a paycheck player. I hated seeing him go, but at the same time it was hard seeing a guy like that with so much potential throwing everything away when guys like us are really struggling and clawing our way to the top."

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