WWE Velocity Report (01/22/05)-Taped in Montreal, Quebec

WWE Velocity Report-22nd January 2005
By Shaun Best-Rajah.Com Reporter

Welcome aboard people. I am your host Shaun Best. Steve Romero & Josh Mathews are on commentary and Tony Chimel is the ring announcer. We kick the weekend off with

Nunzio & Shannon Moore vs Paul London & Funaki
This should be a good Cruiserweight tag match. Nunzio & Shannon are introduced first followed by London & Funaki. London nearly manages to slide out of the ring upon entering this week. Bell rings and London and Nunzio start. Nunzio wants a piece of Funaki before shoving London who responds with a slap to the face of the Sicilian Shooter and this sparks Nunzio who takes down London with some basic matwork. London gets up applies a side headlock, fights off Nunzio into a go-behind, Nunzio backs him to the corner, Nunzio swings an elbow, London ducks and chops Nunzio. Nunzio reverses an Irish whip and charges in only to eat an elbow and be the recipient of a London Mushroom stop complete with sounds from Josh. London armdrags Nunzio and lands various kicks in which Josh proclaims is London's American Strong Style. London gets a two count grabs an arm and tags in Funaki, London ducks Nunzio's swing and perches him on the second rope and his shoulders and Funaki comes crashing down onto the midsection of Nunzio with an axehandle from the second rope. Nunzio gets an elbow in and tags out, Shannon comes in only to be armdragged down. Shannon gets in a kick to the gut only to be armdragged back down again after a throw to the ropes. Funaki works the arm and keeps Shannon grounded and tags London back in. London off the ropes, leapfrogs up and over Funaki and onto the arm of Shannon. London with a kick Irish whips Shannon thwarts a headscissors attempt and goes to the second rope but Nunzio yanks him down and London crashes off the apron to the floor. Shannon goes out kicks at London, rams him into the barrier and chops away. Back inside after a nearfall Shannon applies a chinlock, London gets out, Shannon slows London down with a kick to the gut and a neckbreaker. Shannon with a nearfall, he then kicks at London and tags in Nunzio and London is the recipient of a double team flapjack. Funaki breaks up a Nunzio cover so Nunzio stomps and clubs at London whilst taunting Funaki before applying a chinlock of his own. London punches free, Nunzio punches back, London counters Nunzio with a small package for two, Nunzio kicks and punches and tags in Shannon again. Shannon with a punch London hits back so Shannon kicks him down and elbows Funaki off the apron. Shannon lands a backbreaker holding London in position as Nunzio climbs to the second rope but London dodges a Sicilian Slice kicks Shannon in the back and makes the tag to Funaki. Funaki enters, ducks Shannon and takes him down with a flying forearm and a clothesline and a crescent kick to the gut takes care of Nunzio in the corner. Funaki with a punch, whips Shannon scores with a back bodydrop as Josh says he's hotter than a spicy tuna roll and hits a bulldog. Funaki covers Nunzio breaks it up with a knee to the head, London rushes in and dropsaults Nunzio to the outside and a spinning heel kick from Shannon sends London to the floor too. Shannon ducks Funaki kick to the gut, Shannon with an Irish whip, charges eats boot, Funaki rises to the second rope and catches Shannon with a spinning DDT. Funaki covers and gets the pinfall for his team. Great opener and London and Funaki shake hands and congratulate each other after. Here Are Your Winners: PAUL LONDON & FUNAKI.

Still to Come Big Show plots to beat an apology out of Kurt Angle for this whole storyline.

Up Next The Bashams defended against Eddie Guerrero & Booker T on SmackDown!


Competition for Four People to go to LA and watch Wrestlemania XXI. To enter go to Skysports.com or order Royal Rumble on Sky Box Office. Entry deadline is February 2nd.

The Bashams retain Tag Titles against Eddie Guerrero & Booker T on SmackDown! via DQ when the referee spots Eddie with the tag belt after he clocked Doug Basham. The faces argue and Eddie leaves but returns to save Booker from a cabinet beatdown and they clear the ring and stare each other down.

Up Next Highlights of Three Royal Rumble Qualifying Matches from SmackDown!

Don't Try This At Home

Rey Mysterio, Scotty 2 Hotty & John Cena qualify for the Royal Rumble with wins over Chavo Guerrero, Akio & Rene Dupree respectively on SmackDown! Kenzo Suzuki ambushes Cena after his match to set up a US Title Match on SmackDown! this week. It's Cena/Suzuki 2 for our sins.

Raw in The UK Promo. Birmingham NEC Arena on Monday April 25th. I have my ticket.


Hardcore Holly vs Robbie McAllister
The crowd pop for Holly. The jobber gets no reaction. Apparently this week Holly is like a cement truck and nothing can stop him, not even a cement wall. He would clean house in the Rumble too yeah right he ain't even in it. Lockup, Holly with a side headlock off the ropes shoulderblock, steps over McAllister who then surprises Holly with a hiptoss and then an armdrag. Holly looks surprised shakes his head gets up and says it ain't going to happen tonight. Another lockup, McAllister with a side headlock off the ropes, steps over Holly and this time Holly lands the hiptoss and then a shoulderblock as McAllister cowers to the corner. Holly follows lands stomps and a chop, rams his head into the top turnbuckle lands two more chops and clubs him down. Holly snapmares McAllister and applies a chinlock whilst wedging his knee in his back. Holly breaks the hold a punch and kick is followed by a suplex and a Holly nearfall. Holly takes McAllister to the corner punches him, McAllister shoves Holly away by the throat and gets in some offense by choking Holly along the top rope twice. Romero plays Holly up as a kind of monster and nearly mentions he's built like a brick shithouse until Josh cuts him off after brick, Steve quickly says house and Josh says he can't go there with that. Steve said he didn't say the other word as McAllister lands a punch and Irish whips Holly. McAllister charges into Holly's feet and Holly takes him down with a big clothesline. McAllister is then the recipient of the best dropkick in the business (allegedly) and Holly sets him up in the ropes and hits his patented Dick Kick (I borrowed your line AJB of Wrestling Observer). Hardcore successfully climbs to the top rope and hits a clothesline on Robbie as Josh and Steve play around with the name McAllister and liken it to that of Kevin from Home Alone and Robbie will sound like Kevin after getting his nuts crushed as Holly signals for the end picks up McAllister spins him round and hits the Alabama Slam and covers for the win. Here is Your Winner: HARDCORE HOLLY.

Up Next a chilling message for Heidenreich.

SmackDown! in the UK Promo. Birmingham NEC Arena on Tuesday April 26th. I have my ticket.

Undertaker tells Heidenreich he will rest in peace and opens a casket to show a lifelike model of Heidenreich before closing the casket. Heidenreich is petrified. I hope this feud ends but fear it won't because of Gene Snitsky.

Up Next JBL proposes an alliance with Big Show against Kurt Angle.


Kurt Angle feebly apologises to us for last weeks lame "kidnap" SmackDown! and to Joy before he and JBL double cross Big Show by forging an alliance and the two and their factions corner and beat down and bloody The Big Show with a steel chair and the ringsteps. SmackDown! brand matches for the Royal Rumble are hyped and shown.

Kenzo Suzuki w/Hiroko vs Charlie Haas
It would be so much better if it was Haas vs Cena this week on Smackdown! but instead we get Cena/Suzuki 2. That will be poo. Anyway onto this match and this weeks Main Event. There's boos for Kenzo as Josh reminds us he's learning Japanese again. Josh says Kenzo loves USA and saw him at the Golden Globes this week. Haas gets cheers and taps his wristape for his late brother when he mounts the corner and receives more cheers. Bell rings Charlie ducks Kenzo, punches him in the back and shoves him away. Charlie does this again minus the shove before going behind Kenzo turning him round and hitting a scoop slam. Brief lockup, Kenzo with a knee to the gut and a chop. Kenzo with a chop in the corner, Haas turns the tables punches away at Kenzo throws him face first into the ropes and hits a blow to the kidney as Kenzo rolls outside. Once recovered Kenzo pulls Haas to the outside before Haas can pull him back in and Kenzo peppers Charlie with chops and punches and rams him into the guradrail but Haas recovers and whips Kenzo into the apron. Haas with chops before rolling him back in and back inside Haas boots Kenzo. Kenzo off the ropes drop toehold and Haas locks in the Haas of Pain which Hiroko breaks by placing Kenzo's hand onto the bottom rope. Haas with a blow to the back, Kenzo off the ropes, Haas puts his head down early and Kenzo capitalizes with a blow to the throat. Haas is then rammed shoulder first into the steel ringpost and Kenzo takes control by dropping Haas and applying a claw hold by grabbing a fist full of Haas' skin. Haas backelbows free comes off the ropes but is met by a Kenzo knee to the gut. Kenzo plays to the crowd and misses a jumping kneedrop off the ropes allowing Haas to get a punch in and attempt a slam but Kenzo falls on top of Haas and gets a nearfall before going back to the claw on the neck/shoulder area as Josh & Steve talk of their love for the word.com, oh please. Kenzo twists at the neck of Haas as Hiroko looks on, Haas gets up, Kenzo with a knee to the gut and punches to the back, Haas off the ropes, ducks underneath Kenzo and comes back with a flying forearm into a cover 1-no. Haas grabs Kenzo who winds Haas clubs him down and applies the skin claw/wrench for a third time. Haas backelbows Kenzo and armdrags himself free and clotheslines and punches Kenzo down. Kenzo is whipped to the ropes and backelbowed down before Haas hits a scoop slam and gets his second wind or as Josh says he's foaming at the mouth. Fired up sounds better. He's not a rabid dog you know. Haas hits a blow to the midsection followed by a jawbreaker, two clotheslines and a dropkick. Haas lets out another yell, Irish whip no Kenzo reverses and Haas crashes face first into the buckles and staggers into the waiting Kenzo who hits an STO and gets the pinfall. Here is Your Winner: KENZO SUZUKI.

Steve & Josh shill for US Title match on SmackDown! and Steve closes the show. I'll see you for Heat. Shaun.