WWE Sunday Night Heat Report (01/23/05)-Taped in Toronto, Ontario

WWE Sunday Night Heat Report-23rd January 2005
By Shaun Best-Rajah.Com Reporter

Welcome back everybody. It's time for Heat. Jonathan Coachman & Todd Grisham are on commentary and Justin Roberts is the ring announcer. No Pyro as we kick off Sunday with our first match which is…………………………………

Rhyno vs Steven Richards
Big pops for the sprinting Rhyno and he looks charged up as normal as Grisham confronts Coach over the rumour that he wants in on the Royal Rumble matchup. Coach dispels this by saying that he would like to be in it but he hasn't got a qualifying match so right now he isn't in the match. Anyways Richards comes down and hypes himself up as normal and the bell rings and an ECW chant is started to which Richards and Rhyno both acknowledge. Both lockup, Richards grabs an arm works a wristlock, Rhyno reverses, punches and grabs a side headlock. Rhyno gets sent into the ropes and he takes down Richards with a shoulder tackle steps over Richards and counters his hiptoss attempt by hitting one of his own. Richards goes to the corner before confronting Rhyno getting in his face talking trash, shoving and slapping him. Big mistake as Rhyno retaliates by punching Richards down and into the corner where he unloads with chops an Irish whip and a big back bodydrop. Rhyno sets up for the Gore and charges forward but Stevie sees this and flings himself through the ropes to the outside. Rhyno grabs Richards by the hair onto the apron and vaults him back in where Richards pleads for mercy then goes to kick Rhyno who catches the leg and punches Richards. Richards off the ropes, Rhyno puts his head down and Richards slaps it, comes off the ropes and a dropkick to the midsection sends Rhyno through the ropes to the outside. Richards goes out slaps Rhyno throws him into the apron and rolls him back inside where Richards stomps kicks and treads on the Man Beast. Rhyno tries to stave off Richards with punches but Richards hits a knee to the head and drops knees and an elbow onto Rhyno's midsection. Richards picks up Rhyno, kick to the gut is followed up with an X-Factor and Richards instead of covering Rhyno goes to the corner and sets up for a Gore of his own. Richards charges and is met by a huge clothesline by Rhyno and Rhyno recovers and takes Richards down with another clothesline and a series of punches. Rhyno rams Richards' head into the top turnbuckle, Irish whips him and hits what Grisham calls a Baby Gore. Richards reverses a whip to the ropes and puts his head down too early and Rhyno intercepts with a kick to the head. Richards off the ropes and into a spinebuster from Rhyno. We all know what's next and the crowd gets pumped as Rhyno sets up, charges in and smashes the Heat GM with the Gore. 1-2-3. Here is Your Winner: RHYNO.

Still to Come Simon Dean vs Val Venis.

Up Next Highlights of Chris Jericho vs Chris Benoit from Raw.

Chris Jericho Raw Promo Airs.

Chris Jericho pins Chris Benoit via an Inside Cradle following a Sharpshooter Counter in a good wrestling match on Raw. Benoit and Jericho uphold the Code of Honor and shake hands afterwards.

SmackDown! in the UK Promo. Birmingham NEC on Tuesday April 26th. I'll be there.


Competition for Four People to go to LA and watch Wrestlemania XXI. To enter go to Skysports.com or order Royal Rumble on Sky Box Office. Entry deadline is February 2nd.

Recent History of Triple H/Randy Orton feud is recapped since New Year's Revolution. Randy Orton/Triple H segment from Raw is then recapped. Triple H proclaims greatness and suckers Randy Orton in for an ambush but Orton turns the tables and beats down Triple H and Ric Flair and Triple H cowers when Orton grabs and swings a Chair. The World Title Match graphic at Royal Rumble is then shown and hyped. Also tomorrow on Raw it's Randy Orton vs Ric Flair.

Royal Rumble Promo Airs.

Tajiri vs Wavell Starr
The crowd pop for Tajiri and Starr gets nothing despite being announced from Quebec City Canada. He looks a cross between Kazarian of TNA and Terry Taylor/Red Rooster (LOL). Grisham adds Starr has some skills and is capable of pulling off an upset. Let's see as the bell rings and both circle one another and from the lockup Starr seizes the initiative with a side headlock. Tajiri forces him into the ropes but Starr shoulderblocks Tajiri down plays to the crowd motioning a Tomahawk and it gets him some heat. Tajiri works a go-behind and drops Starr down and cheekily kicks him before mocking him with a little Tomahawk dance to rile up Starr. Starr boots Tajiri whips him into the ropes and attempts a hiptoss but Tajiri counters into a monkey flip which sends Starr to the corner. Tajiri charges and leaps onto Starr attempting another monkey flip but Starr hangs on and throws Tajiri down before chopping him down when Tajiri tries another charge. Starr showboats again to boos and he should be staying on his opponent and when he focuses back on Tajiri he chokes him along the bottom rope before whipping him into the ropes and backelbowing him down. Wavell gets a nearfall and traps Tajiri in a head vice, Tajiri slowly gets to his feet and tries gathering momentum from the crowd support and elbows his way free. Starr clubs Tajiri in the back, comes off the ropes but Tajiri surprises him with a spinning heel kick and then lands a straight kick to the head of an onrushing Starr. Tajiri kicks Starr twice in the corner before kicking him in the leg to put him on his ass and he follows up by charging in and landing a dropkick to the face before dragging him away and getting a nearfall. The commentary team speculate on the winner of the Royal Rumble match and Kane's name comes up. What a Boob, he isn't in it or hasn't been announced yet. A spoiler perhaps? Tajiri chops Starr in the ropes, Starr reverses a whip to the ropes, Tajiri comes back with a springboard backelbow. Starr charges in, Tajiri ducks a swing attempt goes behind Starr, Starr reverses lines up and hits a form of a pumphandle spinebuster/driver/drop maneuver on Tajiri and covers and gets a two count. Starr argues the count a little picks up Tajiri Irish whips him, Tomahawk taunt, Starr runs right into the Tarantula and Tajiri sizes up for the Kick of Death. Tajiri takes aim, swings, Starr ducks signalling quick thinking and Wham Tajiri catches him with a reverse kick and it's lights out Starr as Tajiri covers and gets the win.1-2-3. Very entertaining matchup. Here is Your Winner: TAJIRI.

Later Kane vs Gene Snitsky in No-Holds Barred match from Raw.

Up Next Shawn Michaels vs Christian from Raw.


Wrestlemania Recall from Wrestlemania XIV in 1998, Kane Tombstones Pete Rose.

Shawn Michaels defeats Christian on Raw via Sweet Chin Music. Post Match Tyson Tomko suffers the same fate before Edge enters and Spears HBK, locks in the Edgeucator before screaming at him how he screwed him. Christian needed a win here and is made to look weak when he had a hot crowd behind him and the odds were made to look 3-1 against HBK. Oh well, come on Edge at Royal Rumble. The Edge/Shawn Michaels graphic for Royal Rumble is shown and hyped.

Raw in the UK promo. Birmingham NEC on Monday April 25th. I'll be there too.

Brief highlights of Kane vs Gene Snitsky in No-Holds Barred match from Raw. The action spills outside and we are shown stills of Kane chokeslamming himself and Snitsky off of the top of the ramp and straight to "hell". I fear Snitsky will resurface at Royal Rumble though in the Casket Match but I'm still living in hope that Snitsky is gone from our TV's for good.

Don't Try This At Home.

Cue The Hives and Christy Hemme makes her way out looking hot as Coach whines about Christy and how she does so little for her 250,000 Benjamins. Christy grabs the T-Shirt gun and starts firing out T-Shirts to the crowd until Simon Dean's music blares YEAHHHHHHHH!!!!! and Simon makes his way out to the ring complete with Simon System and Gym bag and grabs a mic. Simon asks Christy to put down the weapon which she does and he then proceeds to introduce himself and says he's been watching her on Raw. He says that he's heard that the camera always adds 10lbs to your weight but that's a lie and that Christy's butt is just as big in person as it is on TV. He suggests she should take some of the money she's won from the Diva Search and buy some of his Simon System as it would help fix some of her numerous and quite obvious physical flaws so she could become much more attractive to the viewing audience in just 90 days guaranteed. Christy says No way and Simon is offended and says she thinks she's too good for the Simon System and starts intimidating her up close until………………..
Helllllllloooooooo Ladies Val Venis enters complete with towel. Simon tries talking to Val by saying he was offering Krusty (who has a shocked look on her) some of his Simon System but then proposes a 2-4-1 offer and tells Val that lately he looks like…..wham Val punches Simon down who rolls to the outside and protests he was trying to sell his product while Val and Christy stand in the ring laughing at him as we go to…………..


Chris Masters "The Masterpiece" Promo Airs.

Simon Dean vs Val Venis
This match is joined in progress with Simon choking Val in the corner with his foot and highlights are shown as to what went down during the break and how the match started with Simon jumping Val from behind while he gawked at Christy on her way to the back. Back to the action now and Val kicks a charging Simon in the gut and takes him down with two clotheslines and a suplex. Simon's head meets the top turnbuckle, Val lands a chop and a punch before running Simon into the other corner and to the canvas. Val rams Simon's head into the canvas five times, Simon retaliates with a punch to the midsection, Val reverses a whip to the ropes and follows through with a knee to the gut twice. Val takes Simon down with a side Russian legsweep cue the gyration and mounted punches. Simon rolls onto the apron, drops outside, goes to pull Venis out with him but Val pushes Simon away with his feet and Simon crashes into the barricade. Val gets on the apron and leaps off but Simon dodges and Val crashes into the barrier and writhes in agony. Simon puts the boots to Val breaks the referee's count by sliding in and out and whips Val back into the barrier before talking trash and punching him in the head. Back inside Simon gets a nearfall stomps on Val picks him up, Val tries to punch back but Simon executes a gutbuster and gets another nearfall. Simon snapmares Venis and locks in a bodyscissors, Val backelbows out and gets to his feet in the corner. Simon gets up charges but eats a Venis knee, Val kicks Simon away, Irish whip, Val follows in with a clothesline and Simon is down. Val gets his second wind, Val off the ropes clotheslines Dean down then backelbows him down. Dean gets picked up bounces off the ropes Val catches him with a spinebuster and signals for the end. Val climbs to the top going for the Money Shot but Simon rolls to the corner where his gym bag is and grabs a small object from inside. Val jumps down charges in and squashes Simon in the corner from behind. Simon drops the gym bag which the referee goes and grabs and makes his way across the ring to deposit it just as Val lifts Simon up to attempt an atomic drop/backdrop and with the referee's back turned Simon clocks Val with the object and falls on top just as the referee turns round and is able to register the three count. Simon pulls another one out of his bag of tricks in Val's native Canada. Here is Your Winner: SIMON DEAN. Post match Simon hides the object in his pocket and then down his vest. Grisham thanks us for watching as Simon lets out one last Yeahhh! End of show. I'll be back next week with Heat, Velocity & the Pre Royal Rumble Heat. Have a good week and take care. Later Shaun.