WWE Sunday Night Heat Report (02/20/05) Pre No Way Out Edition, Pittsburgh, PA

WWE Sunday Night Heat Report-20th February 2005
By Shaun Best-Rajah.com Reporter

Word life folks, Shaun here with a quick rundown of what happened last night on Heat before the No Way Out PPV. Most of the card was thrown together at the last minute (except Kurt Angle vs John Cena and JBL vs Big Show) so it was no surprise that Heat heavily hyped the JBL vs Big Show match and Batista's appearance throughout the hour by recapping the events from the end of Raw and SmackDown! this past week and reminding us that Batista's contract signing takes place tonight on Raw. We see JBL's limo arrive in the arena minus the horns and a straight faced looking cabinet get out. We are shown the No Way Out press conference where it was said that "No Way Out would top any PPV that's ever been in Pittsburgh PA" (I'll let you all decide on that). The unveiling of Chris Masters "The Masterpiece" takes place tonight on Raw. We are shown highlights of the No 1 Contender Tournament with Fozzy playing in the background before being taken to Kurt Angle who's talking to Josh Mathews. Kurt reminds us that he's main evented the last two Wrestlemanias and to make it three in a row all he has to do is beat John Cena who he has beaten everytime he's faced and how No Way Out will be no different. Kurt calls John Mr Popularity but their match isn't a popularity contest as it's a chance to main event Wrestlemania and he isn't going to lose. Kurt will professionally make Cena tap and will personally hurt him making sure he never wrestles again. Kurt then downplays the homefield advantage by making reference to the Steelers getting annihalated at home in the playoffs before saying you become a loser if you have losers cheering for you. Kurt insists he will do fine on his own and will beat John Cena. Unlucky Kurt. Wrestlemania 21 is 6 weeks away and we are reminded of the Hall of Fame Class of 2005 so far with more names set to be added over the coming weeks. Michael Cole and Tazz in the ring hype the Barbed Wire Steel Cage from within and go over the rules to win the match and stress how dangerous it is and what's at stake. The "Pulp Fiction" Wrestlemania parody skit starring Booker T and Eddie Guerrero airs and the official theme of No Way Out is "Enemy" of Fozzy available now. Michael Cole and Tazz quickly run down the whole No Way Out card and we go to the ring for tag team action.

Kenzo Suzuki & Rene Dupree w/Hiroko & Fifi vs Hardcore Holly & Charlie Haas
Hiroko is walking a black Fifi as Rene waves his French flag. Holly and Haas enter together with Haas sporting a commemorative jacket to his brother Russ (RIP) as we go to...............


We join the match in progress with Dupree trapped on the canvas in a Haas armbar. Dupree gets to his feet but is flipped back down as Haas applies a wristlock. Dupree kips up into a Haas fireman lift and back to the wristlock. Holly tags in kicks Dupree, wrenches the arm whilst knocking Dupree down with stiff punches. Dupree gets up forearms and punches Holly, Holly off the ropes goes up and over Dupree, Holly pushes Dupree into the ropes attempting a small package, Dupree holds on but Holly recovers and quickly nails Dupree with his patented Dick kick. Holly chops Dupree, rams his head into the opposite corner turnbuckle before unloading with more chops. Holly knocks Kenzo off the apron, lands a drop toehold on Dupree before floating into a front headlock and tagging Haas back in. Dupree gets bounced off the ropes and is the recipient of a double hiptoss, Kenzo runs in and gets the same move and both heels are outside recuperating. A USA chant breaks out, Holly and Haas go out, Haas pounds on Kenzo while Holly does the same to Dupree. Back inside Holly chops Kenzo in the corner, Irish whip, Haas charges and drives his head into Kenzo's gut and as the referee is getting Holly out Dupree comes behind Haas executing a jumping neckbreaker. Dupree mounts Haas and pounds his head in before driving a boot to the back then picking him up and Irish whipping him into his corner. Rene boots Haas tags in Kenzo and chokes Haas in the corner. Kenzo with boots to the gut before driving Haas' head into the turnbuckle and choking him in the corner. Kenzo chops Haas who punches back, Haas off the ropes is clotheslined down by Kenzo, who plays to the crowd before getting a nearfall then tagging out. Kenzo snapmares Haas, Dupree delivers a dropkick to the back covers for a nearfall and applies a resthold as a Hardcore Holly chant starts believe it or not. Haas quickly gets to his feet backelbows free, stuns Dupree with a jawbreaker, hits a T-Bone suplex and both men tag out. Holly comes roaring in clotheslining Kenzo down twice, bouncing him off the ropes and hitting the best dropkick today (allegedly). Dupree runs in charging into a Holly powerslam, Holly goes up top connecting with a dive attack on Kenzo, Dupree breaks up the cover at two and punches Holly into the ropes. Holly reverses Dupree into the waiting Haas who tosses Dupree outside while back inside Holly finishes Kenzo off with the Alabama Slam. 1-2-3. Here Are Your Winners: HARDCORE HOLLY & CHARLIE HAAS.

Heat wraps up with some final hype to the WWE Title picture with speculation about No Way Out and Wrestlemania and Highlights from Royal Rumble, Raw and SmackDown! End of Show. I'll be back next weekend with Velocity and Heat, until then take care, have a good week and I'll see you later, Shaun.