Backstage News From Last Night's WWE No Way Out Pay-Per-View

The pressure was on Stephanie McMahon at last night’s No Way Out due to the absence of Vince McMahon. It was up to her to ensure the show ran smoothly at all times. Many people backstage are worried about the future health of the company with Stephanie being in charge and having high authority, as many are not too keen on the way she does her job. Apparently Stephanie is not t all receptive to any kind of constructive criticism or thinking that does not fall in alignment with hers and she makes it pretty obvious to those who don't agree with her. During her father's injury absence, Steph has been described as "in over her head" and act like she knows everything.

Triple H was not at last night's PPV due to him working last night's Raw brand house show in Erie, PA. So, he wasn't there to help Steph run the show.

Many backstage rated last night’s ppv as "fair". The show was night rated high at all.

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[ Source: PWInsider.Com ]