Chavo Guerrero Discusses His 5th Cruiserweight Championship Win


PITTSBURGH, PA – Booker T’s not the only five-time champion on SmackDown! Sunday night, Chavo Guerrero won the Six-Man Elimination Match, and captured the Cruiserweight Championship of the World for the fifth time.

Also, for the second straight year, Chavo was victorious at No Way Out, and managed to walk away a champion – he defeated Rey Mysterio for the Cruiserweight Championship at last year’s No Way Out. This year, Chavo had to outlast five of his fellow cruiserweights – a mission made easier thanks to a lucky draw, and an amazing performance by Paul London, who ran the gauntlet until Chavo scored the roll-up victory.

“I’m thinking about changing the name of No Way Out to Chavo’s Way Out,” Chavo told, moments after watching a backstage official change the nameplate on his prize, “because this seems to be my pay-per-view. I’ve done this two years in a row now, but of course, Eddie continues to try and upstage me. Last year, he wins the WWE Championship at No Way Out, and this year, he and Rey go and win the WWE Tag Team Championship, just to one-up me. Yet as hard as he may try to outshine his nephew, it will never happen. Once again, the greater Guerrero prevailed.”

After entering the match last, the third-generation competitor took full advantage of Paul’s weakened stamina. Despite being slightly winded from his four eliminations, London still took the fight to Chavo, and came within a split second of going the distance.

“Paul’s a great competitor,” admitted Chavo, “but I’m the greatest Cruiserweight Champion of all time. There’s no way he can even compare to me. I mean Paul would have had just as bad of a chance no matter what draw he had picked, because I would have beaten him and the others regardless. He and my other four opponents from tonight are just second fiddle to me.”

In the end, it was Chavo’s enhanced endurance and cunning Guerrero wit saved the day. Using the ropes for leverage, Chavo picked up the 1-2-3, and raised the championship, still bearing Funaki’s name on it, over his head.

“What are you talking about?” snapped the El Paso, Texas native. “Help from what ropes? All I know is that I’m standing here with the Cruiserweight Championship, and London’s not. So whatever advantage I can take, I’ll take, and that’s why there’s a Cruiserweight Championship around my waist. What does Paul have around his? Nothing but fat!”

With four reigns behind him, Chavo is well aware of the responsibilities and commitments that go with being the Cruiserweight Champion. Aside from the five cruiserweights he outlasted Sunday night, Chavo also has to watch out for Superstars such as Nunzio, Scotty 2 Hotty, and Rey Mysterio, among others. According to Chavo, he’s up for the challenge.

“I think this is going to be my greatest cruiserweight reign yet,” continued Chavo, “because I’m at the top of my game – I’m better than I was last year. I’ve overcome bicep tears, I almost died from a brain injury, and somehow I wound up better than I was before (if you can believe that). So because I’m that much better, this is going to be my best reign to date.”

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