Dark Match, WWE Velocity *Spoilers* (2/22/05) - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Report by: wrestlingobserver.com

Velocity/Smackdown Spoilers
Attendance: 7500-8000 plus (only camera side top tier tarped - actually people on top level hard camera side! I was shocked but it was maybe the first three rows of it. Ringside section full and camera side lower level)

Dark Match:

Nunzio/Big Vito vs. Shannon Moore/Kazarian

Well one down more to pluck from TNA for Vince. Kazarian made his debut tonight in Philly and scored the pin on Vito after a legdrop off the top rope. Vito blew a spot or two and wound up with his head getting caught on the top rope cable. Pretty sloppy for him. Kazarian should soon be stuck on Velocity with Paul London which leads me to....


Paul London vs. Spike Dudley

Well I was hoping for Akio but we got Spike. Major heat for Spike and good pop for London.
Probably the best match of the night. London wins with a bridge suplex.

Rene Dupree w/Fifi vs. Scotty 2 Hotty w/his worm

Dupree came to the ring carrying Fifi, poor thing. Match was back and forth and not bad.
Dupree won with his sit down powerbomb.

Hardcore Holly/Charlie Haas vs. Mike Kruel/????

Sorry forgot the other jobbers name. Hardcore was way over and the crowd loved him. I guess with the Eagles losing the Superbowl the Philly fans have lost their minds. Anyway it reminded me again to what happened to Daniel Puder. I yelled so I guess Puder wasn't tough enough Hardcore! He got a hearty chuckle out of it. Match was good with the jobbers working over Holly and Haas getting the crowd to adrenalize Holly to make the tag. Haas won with the Haas of Pain submission/

Kenzo Suzuki w/Hiroko vs. Booker T

Kenzo came out to the usual USA chants. The ravishing Hiroko held her hands over her ears for most of the match. Booker came out to a good pop and a loud pyro. Booker does his spinaroonie and wins with the Book-end.